Biography (SGZ): Cao Ang (Zixiu)

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Cao Ang (Zixiu)
曹昂 (子脩)
Lived: ?–197

Sanguozhi Officer Biography
Pei Songzhi in Blue, Translator Notes in Green
Translated by Jiuwan (Giao Chau)

The Prince of Feng Min Cao Ang (I) was styled Zixiu. At the Ruo Guan ceremony (II) he was recommended for Incorrupt and Filial Piety. He accompanied Tai Zu (Cao Cao) in the attack south [against Zhang Xiu]. Zhang Xiu was the cause for his death. No sons [was born to Cao Ang]. In the second year of Huang Chu [AD 221] he was given a posthumously title of Duke of Feng Dao. In the third year [of the same reign style thus AD 222] the Duke of Fan An, Cao Jun’s son Cao Wan (III) was adopted to Cao Ang to continue the line. He was bestowed as Duke of Zhong Du. That year, his title was switched to Duke of Chang Zi. In the fifth year [AD 224], Cao Ang’s title was raised to Prince of Feng Dao. In the third year of Tai He [AD 229], Cao Ang’s title was changed to Prince of [Feng] Min. In the sixth year of Jia Ping [AD 254] Cao Wan inherited Cao Ang’s title of Prince of Feng. Around Zheng Yuan (IV) [AD 254] to the middle of Jing Yuan [AD 261-262], his fiefdom was increased by 2700 households. On Cao Wan’s death he was conferred the posthumous title of Prince of Gong. [Cao Wan’s] son Cao Lian inherited [the title].

I: Cao Ang was mothered by Lady Liu. She gave birth to Cao Ang, Prince of Xiang Shang, Cao Shuo and Princess Qing He, who became the wife to Xiahou Mao.
II: The Ruo Guan ceremony was when the child came of age, usually around twenty years old, and donned a special cap. Also the parents would have a style name for them. They were usually given their style names when they came of age. Some exceptions include Cao Chong who died before he came of age, yet had a style name.
III: Cao Jun was one of the 25 sons of Cao Cao. Cao Wan was the son of Cao Jun, thus the grandson of Cao Cao. Cao Wan was adopted in Cao Ang’s line to continue that line since Cao Jun still has two other sons to continue his line.
IV: The sixth year of Jia Ping, AD 254, was changed to the reign style of Zheng Yuan. That’s why both Jia Ping sixth year and Zheng Yuan first year both share the same year AD 254.

Copyright © 2004 Jiuwan (Giao Chau). All Rights Reserved.
Translated from Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi with Pei Songzhi’s Commentary