Biography (SGYY): Zhang Hu [Tiger Zhang]

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Zhang Hu
[Tiger Zhang]
Lived: ?–192

Sanguo Yanyi Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Sam Wrest

Zhang Hu [Tiger Zhang]

Zhang Hu, hailing from Jiangxia, was a commander serving Inspector of Jingzhou Liu Biao during the later period of the Han dynasty.

In AD 192, Governor of Changsha Sun Jian initiated an invasion of Jingzhou, starting with an attack on the city of Fankou. Liu Biao assigned Zhang Hu under General Huang Zu to help counter the offensive. In preparation of Sun Jian’s impending attack, Zhang Hu and Huang Zu had archers posted along the river to hinder the enemy army’s advance. When Sun Jian’s forces approached the shore by war boats, Hu and Zu gave their archers the order to fire, preventing Jian’s navy from landing for three days. However, on the fourth day, Sun Jian’s army returned fire with the very arrows which had been fired at them, pinning Zhang Hu’s forces down, and Jian’s army were subsequently able to land and attack the city of Fankou. Pressed from several sides, Zhang Hu and Huang Zu led their forces to the nearby town of Deng.

Shortly after arriving in Deng, Zhang Hu was met with Sun Jian’s main invading army. Together with Huang Zu and Commander Chen Sheng, Zhang Hu led his forces into the open country to oppose Jian’s army. Each side formed their lines – Sun Jian with his son, Ce, and several score of commanders at his, and Zhang Hu with Huang Zu and Chen Sheng at his. Huang Zu, the highest ranked of the three defending leaders, raised his whip and shouted to the enemy, “Vermin from the south! How dare you impose on the territory of an imperial relative?” (1)

1: Liu Biao was a native of Gaoping, and closely related to the imperial Liu clan.

Zu then ordered Zhang Hu out to confront the enemy. Brandishing his weapon, Hu rode onto the field and was met by enemy Commander Han Dang. Charging Dang, Zhang Hu fought some thirty bouts with the enemy leader, but neither could overcome the other. As the two fought on, Chen Sheng joined the fray. From Han Dang’s line, however, Zhang Hu saw Sun Ce let fly with an arrow that struck Sheng square in the face and dropped him from his horse. Distracted by the fall of his comrade, Zhang Hu let down his guard, enabling Han Dang to strike unopposed with his sword and cleave Hu’s skull.

Copyright © 2007 Sam Wrest. All Rights Reserved.
Source: Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms