Biography (SGYY): Sun Yi (Shubi)

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Sun Yi (Shubi)
孫翊 (叔弼)
(AD 183 - 203)

Sanguo yanyi Officer Biography
Authored by Steven Trinkl

Sun Yi (Shubi)

Father: Sun Jian; Mother: Lady Wu;
Brothers: Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Kuang;
Half-Brother: Sun Lang; Wife: Lady Xu; Son: Sun Song

Sun Yi, styled Shubi, was born in AD 183 in Fuchun County of the Wu territory. He was a valiant warrior, much like his brother Ce, but lacked the discipline of his brothers, often drinking in excess.

At Sun Ce’s death, Sun Yi was one of the possible choices for his heir, as well as the general Zhou Yu. Sun Quan was the one to whom Ce bequested his throne, and so Sun Quan became the ruler of Wu. Sun Yi became the governor of Dangyang, marrying Lady Xu, a beautiful woman skilled in the art of divining. She bore him one son – Sun Song.

Sun Yi’s harsh behavior made him three enemies – Gui Lan, a military officer; Dai Yuan, a civil officer; and Bian Hong, a guardsman. In AD 203, the three plotted to kill Shubi by staging a banquet and assassinating him after the festivities. Lady Xu sensed that something was amiss and pleaded with Sun Yi to not attend. Sun Yi dismissed her concerns and went.

After the banquet, Bian Hong followed and murdered Sun Yi. His death was pinned solely on the guardsman by the other two conspirators, who personally executed Bian Hong in the marketplace. Gui Lan proceeded to plunder his dead master's house, and found the beautiful Lady Xu and wished to take her as his wife.

Lady Xu feigned interest and said to the murderer, “It is too soon after my husband’s death to think of remarriage.” And so she implored him to give her thirty days of mourning. Gui Lan happily agreed, and at Lady Xu’s request, sent for Sun Yi’s close friends, Sun Gao and Fu Ying. The two appeared, and in confidence, Lady Xu told them of Yi’s assassination at the hands of the three conspirators.

Sun Gao and Fu Ying were greatly angered at their master’s death and agreed to help avenge his death. First, Gui Lan was intoxicated by Lady Xu and taken into her chambers, where Sun Yi’s avengers waited. The drunken Gui Lan was unable to fight back as the vengeful men stabbed him repeatedly with daggers. Dai Yuan was killed in the same manner.

Lady Xu then sent the two generals to execute all in the two murderers’ households. Dai Yuan and Gui Lan’s heads were severed and were offered as a sacrifice to Sun Yi. Sun Yi’s widow then left to live with Sun Quan, Sun Yi’s older brother and the current ruler of Wu.

Sun Yi’s position was given to both Sun Gao and Fu Ying.

Copyright © 2004 Steven Trinkl
Based on Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms