Biography (SGYY): King Shamoke

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King Shamoke

Sanguo yanyi Officer Biography
Authored by Morgan Evans

King Shamoke

King Shamoke was the ruler of the Five Valleys region, commanding the tribes that lived there. He had large green eyes and wielded a spiked iron mace from which bone pendants hung.

When the ruler of Shu, Liu Bei, decided to attack Wu in revenge for the murder of his brother, Guan Yu, he asked Shamoke for the loan of fifty thousand warriors. King Shamoke personally led the fifty thousand tribesmen to Liu Bei, where they joined with the Shu ruler’s seven hundred thousand soldiers. In the seventh month of the first year of Zhangwu (1) the great army mobilised. By the eighth month, the vanguard of the army had penetrated into Wu territory and easily defeated all resistance, until they reached Yi Ling.

(1) AD 221, Huangchu 2nd year by Wei’s calendar.

The army set up a line of forty camps from Wukou and Jianping to Yi Ling over a distance of twenty five miles and scouts soon reported that a large Wu army was approaching. During the second month of Zhangwu, Liu Bei led the army to Xiao Ting where he divided the army into eight parts, ready to attack on both land and water. Very soon fighting broke out and the Wu army was sent into retreat. As the Shu forces rushed on, King Shamoke encountered the troops of the Wu general Gan Ning and fought his way through them, killing many. Gan Ning himself fled at the sight of the King, but Shamoke fired an arrow that fatally pierced Gan Ning’s skull.

With Xiao Ting secured, the army encamped in open ground but was forced to move the camp into woods to gain shelter from the summer heat. The Commander-in-Chief of the Wu forces, Lu Xun, launched a fire attack during the night that sent the Shu army into chaos. The Wu army advanced in full and many of the Shu soldiers were trampled by their comrades while trying to escape. King Shamoke was retreating south when he encountered the Wu general Zhou Tai and after a short battle, King Shamoke was slain.

Copyright © 2004 Morgan Evans
Based on Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms