Biography (SGYY): Qu Yi

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Qu Yi
(AD ?—191)

Sanguo yanyi Officer Biography
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Authored by Sam Wrest

Qu Yi

Qu Yi was a general serving under Yuan Shao.

In AD 191, Yuan Shao went to war with Gongsun Zan and Qu Yi was selected to join the expedition. Upon arriving at the River Pan, Yi deployed eight hundred archers and fifteen thousand foot soldiers in preparation of the enemy’s advance. Yi kept his archers behind their shields with orders not to shoot until the bombards roared. Shortly after, Gongsun Zan’s general Yan Gang began marching against Yuan Shao’s position. Crouching low, Qu Yi and his soldiers watched their attackers draw near. When a bombard sounded, Yi’s eight hundred bowman let fly with their arrows, taking a great tall on Gang’s army. Qu Yi then charged out and cut Yan Gang down before he even had a chance to turn. Gongsun Zan’s contingent suffered many casualties, and the remainder of his army was pinned down from the continuous arrow shots fired by Qu Yi’s bowmen.

Qu Yi pressed the onslaught and cut his way to the bridge separating the two armies. Once there, Yi took the bridge and cut down the enemy’s standard bearer, inciting so much fear that Gongsun Zan himself began to flee. Qu Yi pursued Zan hotly, charging deep into the enemy’s rear line. Before Yi could reach Zan, however, he was checked by Zhao Yun, a general serving under Gongsun Zan. Qu Yi attacked his new adversary immediately, but after several bouts, the enemy general overcame Yi and pierced him with his lance, killing him.

Copyright © 2005 Sam Wrest
Based on the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, attributed to Luo Guanzhong