Biography (SGYY): Lü Qian (Zike)

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Lü Qian (Zike)
呂虔 (子恪)
Lifespan Unknown

Sanguo Yanyi Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Qu Hui

Lü Qian (Zike)

Lü Qian, style Zike, was from Wucheng. He and Man Chong were recommended to Cao Cao by Liu Ye, and appointed as military aides. He and Man Chong recommended Mao Jie to Cao.

During Cao Cao’s war with Lü Bu over Puyang, he participated in Cao’s night attack on Lü’s camp. When Cao Cao struck a lightly defended Yanzhou, controlled by Xue Lan and Li Feng, Zike shot and killed Lan. After Cao Cao moved the capital of the Han to Xuchang, Lü Qian was appointed commandant.

During a clash with Lü Bu at Xuzhou, in which Xiahou Dun lost his eye, Lü Qian and Li Dian led the retreat to Jibei. When the scholar Mi Heng denounced Cao Cao and his officers, he belittled Lü Qian as being useful only as a blacksmith.

During Cao Cao’s campaign against the Yuan children, Lü Qian argued against cancelling the campaign against Liu Biao and returning north to finish off Yuan Shang. When Cao Cao organized his navy before the battle of Chibi, he appointed Lü Qian as commander of the naval rear. Later, in Cao Pi’s campaign against the Southlands, Zike was appointed Imperial Army Superintendant (1).

1: Zhongjun huwei: a non-Han based Wei military title.

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Source: Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms