Biography (SGYY): Jian Yong (Xianhe)

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Jian Yong (Xianhe)
簡雍 (憲和)
Lifespan Unknown

Sanguo Yanyi Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Qu Hui

Jian Yong (Xianhe)

Jian Yong was a man from Liu Bei’s home district who served as his personal assistant. During Lü Bu’s conflict with Bei and Cao Cao, Yong was sent as an envoy to Cao, requesting reinforcements. When Liu Bei was ordered to prevent Lü Bu and his ally Yuan Shu from joining forces, Jian Yong and Mi Zhu defended Xuzhou.

Later, when Liu Bei seized Xuzhou from Cao Cao, Jian Yong, Sun Qian, Mi Zhu and Mi Fang were left to defend Xuzhou while Liu Bei engaged Cao in the field. After Cao Cao defeated Liu Bei, drove him off and besieged Xuzhou, Jian Yong and Mi Zhu were unable to hold out and fled. Soon after, he met up with Liu Bei and the two fled to Yuan Shao’s land.

After Sun Qian had reported to Bei that his sworn brother Guan Yu was alive, he and Jian Yong departed for Ru’nan, where both Guan and the third brother, Zhang Fei, were. When Cao attacked and seized Ru’nan, he and Liu Bei’s other officers fled the city. He followed Bei when the latter fled to Jingzhou, land of Liu Biao.

When Liu Bei fled Xinye, pursued by Cao Cao, Jian Yong accompanied him. During the melee with Cao Cao’s forces, Yong was separated from his lord. He directed Zhao Zilong to where Liu Bei’s wives had fled, when the latter went to search for them.

After Pang Tong’s death during the Yizhou campaign, Jian Yong accompanied Zhuge Liang to reinforce Liu Bei. During the siege of Chengdu, Yong was sent as an envoy to solicit Liu Zhang’s surrender, a mission that he would successfully complete. He was promoted and rewarded after Liu Bei entered Chengdu.

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Source: Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms