Biography (SGYY): He Man

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He Man
Lifespan: Unlisted

Sanguo yanyi Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Mike Holmes

He Man

He Man was nicknamed “The Shooting Devil” and was a commander under Yellow Scarves leaders He Yi and Huang Shao in the early years of Emperor Xian’s reign.

After Cao Cao defeated Lü Bu (1), winter came. Word reached Cao Cao that Tao Qian, his mortal enemy (2) had died. Cao Cao wanted to attack Xuzhou, but Xun Yu said, “If we attack Xuzhou, Lü Bu will take our home of Yanzhou. If we fail to take Xuzhou, then we will be wiped out. Let us forget attacking Xuzhou and raid the Runan area, where He Yi and Huang Shao, the Yellow Scarves, have stuffed their sacks full of grain and silk.” Cao Cao agreed.

1: Lü Bu had taken Yanzhou, Cao Cao’s home, when Cao Cao had attacked Tao Qian.
2: Tao Qian’s officer, Zhang Kai, had killed Cao Song, Cao Cao’s father. Cao held Tao responsible and so attacked him. Tao Qian was governor of Xuzhou.

He Yi, Huang Shao and Cao Cao met at Goat Hill. The Scarves were numerous, but had no discipline. Cao Cao sent Dian Wei forward. He Yi sent his second in command forward as well. Dian Wei killed the man and routed the Yellow Scarves.

The next day, Huang Shao took command of the Scarves. The commander He Man strode out of the lines and shouted to Cao Cao’s army, “I am He Man, the devil who shoots across the sky! Who dares challenge me!”

Cao Hong dismounted and rushed out. They fought forty to fifty bouts, before Cao Hong fled, trailing his sword. He Man pursued.

Cao Hong then swiftly turned and He Man, unable to react fast enough, was killed with a single blow from Cao Hong.

Copyright © 2004 Mike Holmes
Based on the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, attributed to Luo Guanzhong
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