Biography (SGYY): Gongsun Yue

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Gongsun Yue
(AD ?—191)

Sanguo yanyi Officer Biography
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Authored by Sam Wrest

Gongsun Yue

Gongsun Yue was the younger brother of Gongsun Zan and was a commander in his older brother’s army, which numbered one of the largest in the whole of China.

A year after the failed alliance against Dong Zhuo (AD 191), Gongsun Zan received a letter from Yuan Shao proposing a joint attack against Han Fu, governor of Jizhou. Zan agreed, but before he had mustered his army for the march onto Jizhou, word came that Yuan Shao had already seized all power within the district. Gongsun Zan asked Gongsun Yue to travel to Jizhou to claim their share of the territory; Yue set off immediately. As he reached Jizhou, he was shown into audience with Yuan Shao. After Yue revealed the purpose of his visit, Yuan Shao said, “Have your elder brother come to me himself. We have things to discuss.” Gongsun Yue agreed and left Jizhou to begin his journey back north to Beiping, Gongsun Zan’s own district.

Gongsun Yue had travelled some 50 li homeward when a group of soldiers ambushed him and his company, crying, “We are bodyguards for the Prime Minister Dong Zhuo!”. Before Gongsun Yue could defend himself, a volley of arrows shot from the soldiers cut him down. (1)

1: Gongsun Yue was the only target for the ambushing soldiers, and so a number of his company were able to escape back to Beiping and report what had happened to Yue’s brother, Gongsun Zan. Zan, surmising that his brother’s killers were in fact serving Yuan Shao, was so outraged that he mustered his entire army to extract revenge on Shao.

Copyright © 2005 Sam Wrest
Based on the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, attributed to Luo Guanzhong