Biography (COB): Zhu Zhi (Junli)

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Zhu Zhi (Junli) Zhu Zhi (Junli)
朱治 (君理)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Gu Zhang County, Danyang (Presently Nanjing County, Jiangsu Province)
Lifespan: AD 156 – 224 (68 Years)
Titles: Chief Commandant, Grand Administrator of Wu Commandery, General Who Guards the Kingdom, Governor of Wu Prefecture, Lord of Gu Zhang
Family: Zhu Ran (adopted son) (1)

Zhu Zhi was an official is his home county and received the recommendation for filial piety and personal integrity. He was one of Sun Jian’s first officers and in charge of administrative matters in Xu Zhou. Later when Sun Jian was transferred to his new post in Chang Sha, Zhu Zhi was appointed as Chief Commandant. During the usurpation of Dong Zhuo, Zhu Zhi followed his lord into battle.

After the death of his master in Jing Zhou, Junli followed Sun Ce to Jiang Dong. Since Sun Ce was unable to receive substantial command from Yuan Shu, Zhu Zhi was sent to Xu Gong, where he served in the office of the Grand Administrator. During Sun Ce’s march against the various warlords of Wu, Zhu Zhi betrayed Xu Gong and drove him out of the Commandery. Zhu Zhi was trusted by Sun Ce as a close associate, and Junli was able to advise the Sun family on political matters. When Sun Quan took charge, he was appointed Minister of War, Deputy Commander and Deputy Commander of Army Inspection.

In the seventh year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 202), Sun Quan recommended Zhu Zhi for the position of Governor of Wu Prefecture.

In the first year of Prince Wu (AD 223), he was appointed General Who Guards the Kingdom and titled Lord of Gu Zhang. In the later years of his life, Junli took a post in his Gu Zhang because he missed his old county. Zhu Junli died in the second year of Prince Wu (AD 224), of natural causes at the age of sixty-eight.

(1) According to SGZ Zhu Ran was the son of Zhu Zhi’s sisters, and his original name was Shi Ran. When he was thirteen, Zhu Zhi adopted him because he had no sons himself. <return>

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