Biography (COB): Zhu Jun (Gongwei)

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Zhu Jun (Gongwei) Zhu Jun (Gongwei)
侏葰 (公偉)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Kuai Ji City (Presently Kuai Ji in Zhejiang Province)
Lifespan: 149 – 195 (46 Years)
Titles: Governor of Henan, Minister of Reveneu, Grand Commandant
Family: Zhu Fu (son)

Zhu Jun was an officer of the later Han Dynasty under Emperors Ling, Shao and Xian. Zhu Jun was a scholar in his youth and was a member of the Office of Merit in his district. Gongwei also successfully completed the National Civil Service Examination held in the Han Capital, Luo Yang.

Zhu Jun took up the post of General of Chariots and Cavalry and on the Emperors orders fought against the Yellow Turban rebels. Together with Huang Fu Song and He Jin, Zhu Ju was one of the three last Great Generals of the Han Empire.

During his incredibly successful career, Gongwei was appointed General of the Imperial Corps, Governor of Henan, Minister of Revenue, Grand Commandant and other posts successively. (1) During his fights against the Yellow Turbans, Zhu Jun made acquaintance with Sun Jian, who lived in the same area. They fought together on many missions, and Zhu Jun recommended Sun Jian to the Imperial Court.

When Li Jue and Guo Si abducted the Prince of Heaven to Chang An and terrorized the Han Court, Zhu Gongwei fell ill as a result of heavy stress. His straightforward and violent personality ultimately proved to be his end, as he was unable to recover from his illness and died in the year 195 A.D.

Zhu Jun had one son, Zhu Fu, who served as Inspector of Jiao Zhou, but he was killed non–Chinese people sometime in the 190s.

(1) The rank of Tai Wei (太尉) was the highest rank available in the Han bureaucracy. The Grand Commandant, was at the head of the Three Dukes; the three most powerful men in the Empire. <return>

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