Biography (COB): Zhu Ju (Zifan)

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Zhu Ju (Zifan)Zhu Ju (Zifan)
朱据 (子范)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Wu County, Wu Prefecture (Presently Suzhou in Jiangsu Province)
Lifespan: AD 190 – 246 (56 Years)
Titles: Commander Who Establishes Justice, General of the Flying Cavalry, Lord of Yunyang
Family: Lady Zhu (daughter), Sun Xiu (son–in–law), Sun Quan (in–law, father of Sun Xiu), Sun Deng, Sun Lu, Sun He, Sun Ba, Sun Feng, Sun Liang (in–laws, brothers of Sun Xiu)

Zhu Ju was a southern scholar from the same area as Lu Xun and excelled in debate and diplomacy. He was appointed as Attendant of the Palace by Sun Quan. He was later appointed as Commander Who Establishes Justice and married the daughter of Sun Quan.

Zifan was successively appointed as General of the Left and General of the Flying Cavalry, and was titled Lord of Yunyang. (1)

Later on when Sun He and Sun Ba were fighting for the crown, Zhu Ju was demoted to Minister in Xindu Prefecture, because he supported Crown Prince Sun He. (2) When Zhu Ju left to take up his new post, he was forced to commit suicide because of a forged Imperial Decree from Sun Hong.

Zhu Ju was a devout Confucianist and often advised Sun Quan on political matters. One such occasion was when Zhu Ju argued about a new system, where officers could be pardoned for lack of custom and insight, and, instead of being punished, could be encouraged by helpful criticism. Lady Zhu, the daughter of Zhu Ju later married Emperor Sun Xiu, Emperor Jing, who died at the age of thirty. Zhu Ju had no recorded sons.

(1) General of the Flying Cavalry was one of the highest military ranks of the Han Empire. <return>

(2) Sun He and Sun Ba were sons of Sun Quan, after their father’s death, many of the young Princes fought for the Imperial Seat. <return>

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with annotations from Wu Jianxiang dachen nianbiao (Wanbiao)
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