Biography (COB): Zhou Tai (Youping)

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Zhou Tai (Youping)Zhou Tai (Youping)
周泰 (幼平)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Xia Cai, Jiu Jiang district (Presently Fengtai, An Hui Province)
Life Span: AD 163 – Circa 222-28
Titles: General Who Exerts Intimidating Power, Governor of Hanzhong, Lord of Ling Yang

Zhou Tai joined Sun Ce along with his friend Jiang Qin and assisted him with the occupation of the cities Qu’e and Kuai Ji. For this, Sun Ce made Zhou Tai Auxiliary Corps Commanding Officer.

Zhou Tai commanded the left of Sun Ce’s army for many years until his Lord died in the year AD 200 Zhou Tai took it upon himself to personally look after his late Lord’s Brother Sun Quan, and protected him in the battlefield.

Sun Quan appreciated Zhou Tai’s humble attitude and courtesy towards the other officers and quickly grew fond of him.

During one ill fated battle, the young Lord Sun Quan was surrounded by enemy troops with no way out. Zhou Tai immediately dashed through the enemy lines and protected his Lord with his own body. During their escape, Zhou Tai’s face and body were wounded by enemy attacks, but Youping stood firm and delivered Sun Quan to safety. For this display of great loyalty and bravery, Sun Quan appointed Zhou Tai as the new Magistrate of Chun Gu.

In the next two decades, Zhou Tai was actively involved as part of Wu’s army. He commanded troops against Huang Zu, was Captain of a naval squadron during Chi Bi, and aided Zhou Yu’s invasion of Nan Jun. For his great dedication and record of filial piety, Sun Quan promoted him to General Who Pacifies the Barbarians.

After Wu’s successful campaign in Jing Zhou, Zhou Tai rose significantly in rank, and was promoted to Governor of Hanzhong, General Who Exerts Intimidating Power and titled Lord of Ling Yang. Zhou Tai died shortly after Sun Quan became Emperor of Wu.

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Major Sources: Zhongguo Lishizhu – Professor T.Chen (1965 Peking)
annotations from Wu Jianxiang dachen nianbiao and Wu Li
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny