Biography (COB): Zhang Zhao (Zibu)

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Zhang Zhao (Zibu)Zhang Zhao (Zibu)
張昭 (子布)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Pengceng City (Presently Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province)
Lifespan: AD 156 – 236 (80 Years)
Titles: Senior Adviser, Imperial Corps Commander Who Uplifts the Army, Literary Lord

Zhang Zhao was a brilliant youth who spent his time reading all the classic literature of his age. At the age of twenty, Zhang Zhao refused to be recommended to the court for filial piety and personal integrity to avoid being appointed as official, as he would rather spend his time discussing the state of China with the celebrated scholar Wang Lang.

As the Eastern Han Dynasty was coming to an end, Zhang Zhao and his brother fled to Yang Zhou for refuge. Zhou Yu had heard of his presence and personally invited Zibu and his brother to join Sun Ce’s army. He was appointed Senior Adviser and Imperial Corps Commander Who Uplifts the Army. Sun Ce had such a high regard for Zhang Zhao that he authorized him to deal with all important affairs, both military and civil.

At Sun Ce’s deathbed, Zhang Zhao was asked to aid his brother Sun Quan in ruling the Jiang Dong area. Zhang Zibu tried his best to fulfill his late master’s wish and assisted the young Sun Quan in all government affairs. He helped bring peace to the area and stabilized the morale of the army.

Zhang Zhao was often very direct and blunt when remonstrating Sun Quan for his sometimes rash decisions. For a period of time, Sun Quan refused to see Zhang Zhao because he had disregarded Sun Quan’s will. He was later admitted to the court again to debate with Shu’s Zhuge Liang.

When Sun Quan declared himself Emperor, Zhang Zibu resigned from office because he was old and his health was poor. Some of his writings include “The Biography of Zuo Qiuming in the Spring and Autumn Period,” and “Notes of ‘The Confucian Analects.’”

Zhang Zhao died of old age in AD 236 Sun Quan wore a white gown at his funeral and titled him Literary Lord posthumously.

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Major Sources: Zhongguo Lishizhu – Professor T.Chen (1965 Peking)
annotations from Wu Jianxiang dachen nianbiao and Wu Li
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny