Biography (COB): Zhang Ni (Boqi)

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Zhang Ni (Boqi)Zhang Ni (Boqi)
張嶷 (伯岐)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Nanchong, Ba Xi Prefecture
Lifespan: AD 175 – 254 (79 Years)
Titles: General Who Destroys the Rebels

Zhang Ni was general with great foresight, and decisiveness. He was able to predict evens and outcomes of battles with miraculous accuracy. At the age of twenty, Zhang Ni was appointed as a member of the Office of Merit in Ba Xi. He gained a reputation of bravery by rescuing the Governor’s family from rebel attacks.

In the fifth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 200), Boqi went to Mian Zhu to suppress bandits. He faked surrender to the bandits, but later got rid of them by making them drunk on wine and leading them into an ambush.

Zhang Ni stayed in the service of the Han even when Liu Bei took command of Yi Zhou. He advised Zhuge Dan that he should not hasten an attack on Wei, and instead develop agriculture, and then together with the Kingdom of Wu annihilate Wei.

His greatest work was Zhang Ni’s management of minority groups in the southern prefectures of Shu. When he left his office there, a large group of commoners followed him over a great distance to see him off.

In AD 254, he was appointed as General Who Destroys the Rebels and was killed in battle. Upon hearing the news of his death, the minorities of the south built great temples to honor him. Whenever disasters occurred, the people who pray to Zhang Nifor protection.

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