Biography (COB): Zhang Fei (Yide)

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Zhang Fei (Yide)Zhang Fei (Yide)
張飛 (翼德)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Zhou County, Zhou (Presently Zhouzhou City in He Bei Province)
Lifespan: AD 167 – 221 (54 Years)
Titles: Cavalry Commander, Deputy Commander of the Capital Precinct, Lord of Xixiang, Powerful Lord

Zhang Fei, Liu Bei and Guan Yu swore an oath of brotherhood in a peach garden and swore to rid the Empire of all rebels. While Liu Bei was allied with Cao Cao to attack Lü Bu, Cao Cao conferred the title of Imperial Corps Commander to Zhang Fei. During the occupation of Nan Jun, Zhang Fei was promoted to Governor of Yidu and titled Lord of Xinting.

Zhang Fei made a plan to capture Liu Zhang’s general Yan Yan in Ba County and accepted his surrender. After Liu Bei captured Cheng Du, Zhang Fei was appointed General Who Conquers the West. Later on he was also promoted to Governor of Baxi and honored as a Tiger General. When Liu Bei became Shu Emperor, Zhang Fei received the position as General of the Right.

In the year AD 221, Yide was promoted to Cavalry Commander and Deputy Commander of the Capital Precinct and titled Lord of Xixiang. After Guan Yu’s death, Zhang Fei was eager to avenge his brother but indulged himself in wine. In a drunken stupor, he beat some of his officers who were preparing for the attack on Wu, and was subsequently killed by his own men.

Liu Bei always warned Zhang Fei about his bad habits, and ignoring these warnings led to an early death for the courageous and valiant officer. Though in the early days Zhang Fei was nothing but a fighter, he was able to improve himself through time and developed his scholarly skills. Zhang Fei was titled Powerful Lord posthumously.

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