Biography (COB): Yu Jin (Wenze)

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Yu Jin (Wenze)Yu Jin (Wenze)
于禁 (文則)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Juping County, Taishan Commandery (Presently south-west of Tai’an City in Shandong Province)
Lifespan: AD 159 – 220 (61 Years)
Titles: Commander, General Who Conquers the South, Severe Lord
Family: None

In the beginning of his career, Yu Jin served the Imperial Inspector Bao Xin in Yan Zhou. After Cao Cao fled from Dong Zhuo in Luo Yang, Yu Jin offered his services to him.

On recommendation of the scholar Wang Lang, Wenze was appointed as Commander, and was later promoted to Commander Who Breaks through Enemy Lines.

When Lord Cao was attacking Yuan Shao in the north, Yu Jin was appointed Deputy General and Auxiliary General successively. Wenze actively participated in the battle for He Bei and the capture of Yuan Shao’s territory.

Yu Jin at one point replaced Zhu Ling’s military leadership and was appointed as General. Successively, Wenze was appointed as General Who Conquers the South, and together with Pang De he was ordered to lift the siege on Fancheng in southern Jing Zhou.

The military campaign was a failure when Guan Yu succeeded in flooding Lord Cao’s seven armies at Fancheng. Yu Jin surrendered to Guan Yu but his imprisonment didn’t last long as the Kingdom of Wu took Jing Zhou soon after. Wenze was sent back to Wei by Sun Quan.

Before Yu Jin went to the Kingdom of Wu as an Imperial envoy, he paid a visit to Lord Cao’s tomb at Gaoling. There he saw a mural describing Yu Jin’s surrender to Guan Yu. Depressed at the sight of this, Yu Jin became seriously ill and died at the age of sixty-one. For his accomplishments he was titled Severe Lord posthumously.

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