Biography (COB): Yue Jin (Wenqian)

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Yue Jin (Wenqian)Yue Jin (Wenqian)
樂進 (文謙)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Yangping County, Wuwei Kingdom (Presently Qingfeng in Henan Province)
Lifespan: AD 159 – 218 (59 Years)
Titles: General of Guerilla Warfare, General of the Right, Lord of Guangchang Precinct, Powerful Lord
Family: None

Yue Jin was a peasant from the north of China; he was unusually small and had small limbs. Despite his physical disadvantage, Wenqian was a brave and loyal soldier. While following Lord Cao, Yue Jin had outstanding military achievements; he defeated Mu Gu, killed Yan Jing, and Chun Yu Qiong.

Along with fellow officers Yu Jin and Li Dian, Yue Jin led Lord Cao’s army in battle against Lü Bu, defended the western frontier from Ma Chao, chased Liu Bei down Jing Zhou, and helped crush Yuan Shao in the north.

Successively, Wenqian was appointed General Who Breaks through Enemy Lines, Commandant Who Destroys the Rebels, General of Guerilla Warfare, and General of the Right. Additionally, he was titled Lord of Guangchang Precinct for his outstanding military achievements. Yue Jin died in the twenty-third year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 218) right after the rebellion in Xu Chang was put down. Cao Pi posthumously titled him Powerful Lord.

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