Biography (COB): Yan Yan

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Yan YanYan Yan

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Suzhong (Presently Sichuan Province)
Lifespan: AD 153 – 220 (67 Years)
Titles: General of the Vanguard, Acting Military Counselor, Governor of Ba Prefecture

Yan Yan was distinguished general from Yi Zhou, whose valor was said to be able to withstand a thousand men (1). In the sixteenth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 211), he was appointed as Governor of Ba Prefecture by Imperial Protector Liu Zhang.

Yan Yan was against the plan of letting Liu Bei into Ba-Shu to attack Zhang Lu and advised Liu Zhang to keep the latter of the land. When Liu Bei eventually turned coat and attacked Liu Zhang instead, Yan Yan fought with Zhang Fei in Ba Prefecture. Yan Yan lost to Zhang Fei’s strategy and surrendered his forces.

Liu Zhang submitted to Liu Bei’s army and the latter took over Yi Zhou. Yan Yan continued his service as General of the Vanguard under Zhuge Liang.

When Kongming started his Northern Campaign, he appointed Yan Yan as Acting Military Counselor. He died of natural causes while in Zhuge Liang’s service.

(1) There is no familiar name recorded for Yan Yan. This is possible since he was not a noble and his family held no ranks. <return>

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