Biography (COB): Xu Chu (Zhongkang)

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Xu Chu (Zhongkang)Xu Chu (Zhongkang)
許褚 (仲康)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Qiao County, Pei Prefecture (Presently Bozhou City in Anhui Province)
Lifespan: AD 170 – 2??
Titles: General of the Military Guard, Lord of Wansui Precinct, Lord of Mouxiang, Courageous Lord

Xu Chu was a massive man with impressive physical strength, and was renowned in the areas of Ru Nan and Huai Nan (1). When Cao Cao was patrolling the area, Xu Chu was fighting with Yellow Turban rebels. Cao Cao was impressed with Xu Zhu’s power and enlisted him as an important guard, appointing him as Commandant.

In the battles against Zhang Xiu and Ma Chao, Zhongkang saved Cao Cao’s life with a great display of valor and was subsequently promoted to Imperial Corps Commander of the Military Guard.

Later when Cao Pi assumed the position as Emperor of Wei, Xu Chu took charge of the Imperial Guards and promoted to General of the Military Guard, and titled Lord of Wansui Precinct. In addition, Xu Chu earned the title of Lord of Mouxiang.

Zhongkang was prudent, dignified and calm when assuming the important roles of his offices. However, in battle, it was said that Xu Chu was like a “Raging Tiger”, and his strength equaled that of Dian Wei.

Xu Chu enjoyed close relationships with both Cao Cao and Cao Pi, after his death, Cao Pi titled him Courageous Lord.

(1) Some translations use Xu Zhu instead of Xu Chu. The Chinese character used for his name, , is transliterated to Chu3, a common surname. <return>

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