Biography (COB): Sun Huan (Shuwu)

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Sun Huan (Shuwu)Sun Huan (Shuwu)
孫桓 (叔武)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Steven Trinkl

Place of Birth: Unlisted
Served: Served: Sun Quan
Lifespan: AD 196–???
Family: Sun He (father); Sun Jian (grandfather); Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang, Sun Lang (uncles); Sun Shao (biological cousin, also foster cousin adopted by Sun Ce); Sun Shao (the biological son of Sun Ce) (1), Sun Deng, Sun Lu, Sun He, Sun Ba, Sun Fen, Sun Xiu, Sun Liang, Sun Tai, Sun Song (cousins); Sun Zhu, Sun Yi, Sun Jun (brothers)

1: There are two Sun Shaos. One is of the Yu clan and was adopted by Sun Ce. The second one is the biological son of Sun Ce born after his death to the Lady Qiao. This Sun Shao served as Sun Quan’s second-in-command shortly before Sun Quan declared himself Emperor as Wu, but died young. His son, Sun Feng, was an extremely talented man, but he was killed because many favored him ascending to the Wu throne.

Sun Huan, styled Shuwu, was the third son of Sun He, Sun Jian’s foster son. Sun He was originally from the Yu clan and was the brother of Sun Shao’s father. Sun Shao was adopted by Sun Ce, thus making Huan and Shao foster cousins as well as biological cousins. Sun Huan’s older brother, Sun Yi, died early, while Sun Zhu and Sun Jun both lived prosperous lives.

Sun Huan volunteered to lead a force against Liu Bei when Liu Bei marched on Wu for revenge. He was only twenty-five at the time. He was granted a command alongside Zhu Ran. They led a significantly smaller force against Liu Bei, but after a victory against Huang Zhong, Sun Huan was quickly overwhelmed by Hu Ban and Zhu Ran’s navy was cut off from the battle due to a Shu ploy. Sun Huan remained resolute, however, and fell back to Yi Ling, requesting reinforcements from Lu Xun. Hu Ban and Zhang Nan fiercely besieged Yi Ling, but when Lu Xun destroyed the Shu army nearby, they both rode off to assist Feng Xi. Taking advantage of his situation, Sun Huan struck out and his army slew both Zhang Nan and Feng Xi.

Sun Huan continued his advance, blocking off Liu Bei’s main retreat road. Liu Bei was forced to scramble up a hill to avoid Sun Huan’s army, further demoralizing the Shu army with the help of Zhu Ran.

Sun Huan’s later actions are not thoroughly documented, but he did receive the rank of Marquis of Dan Tu.

Copyright © 2004 Steven Trinkl
A biography assembled using the following sources:
Sanguozhi – Chen Shou with Pei Songzhi’s Commentary
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny