Biography (COB): Sun He (Bohai)

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Sun He (Bohai)Sun He (Bohai)
孫核 (伯陽)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Steven Trinkl

Place of Birth: Unlisted
Served: Sun Jian (under Yuan Shu), Sun Ce Lifespan: Unknown
Family: Sun Jian (foster father); Sun Jing, Sun Qiang (uncles); Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang, Sun Lang (foster brothers); Sun Shang Xiang (foster sister); Sun Zhu, Sun Yi, Sun Huan, Sun Jun (sons); Sun Shao (nephew)

Sun He, styled Bohai, was originally from the Yu clan, which was distantly related to the Sun clan through a female relative. When he was a youth, Sun Jian adopted him into his family. He served as Sun Jian’s bodyguard, and when Sun Jian died, he followed Sun Ce. He also introduced Sun Ce to his nephew, Sun Shao, and asked him to adopt the youth.

When Sun Yi was assassinated, Sun He was enraged and tried to get justice for his death, but was slain by Gui Lan and Dai Yuan. Sun Shao, being his oldest biological relative, inherited his position.

Copyright © 2004 Steven Trinkl
A biography assembled using the following sources:
Sanguozhi – Chen Shou with Pei Songzhi’s Commentary
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny