Biography (COB): Mi Fang (Zifang)

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Mi Fang (Zifang)Mi Fang (Zifang)
糜芳 (子方)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Qu County, Donghai Precinct (Presently Lianyun Gang City in Jiangsu Province)
Lifespan: AD 169 – 221 (52 Years)
Titles: Great Administrator of Nan Jun, Commander

Mi Fang was Mi Zhu’s younger brother and the Great Administrator of Nan Jun. Together with Guan Yu, Mi Fang guarded southern Jing Zhou while Liu Bei was in Yi Zhou. When Lü Meng and Lu Xun attacked Guan Yu in Jing Zhou, Mi Fang simply surrendered his district. Guan Yu was killed by Wu and Mi Fang’s troops were spared because of their master’s surrender (1).

Zifang served Sun Quan as Commander until later in the twenty-sixth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 221), Liu Bei invaded Wu at Yi Ling. Mi Fang killed Wu’s general Ma Zhong and surrendered to Liu Bei, even though the latter lost the battle at Yi Ling.

Later in that same year, Liu Bei had Mi Fang put to death with the charge of defection and the subsequent death of Guan Yu.

(1) Mi Fang not only caused the death of Guan Yu but also of Mi Zhu his older brother. According to SGZ, Mi Zhu asked Liu Bei to punish him for his younger brother’s deeds, though Liu Bei refused to do such a thing, Mi Zhu died of shame and remorse for his brother’s utter lack of loyalty. <return>

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