Biography (COB): Mao Jie (Xiaoxian)

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Mao Jie (Xiaoxian)Mao Jie (Xiaoxian)
毛玠 (孝先)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Pingqui County, Chen Liu Precinct (Presently Fengqui, Henan Province)
Lifespan: AD 161 – 2??
Titles: Civil Administrative Assistant, Military Director of the Right

As a young adult Mao Jie was made officer in his home County and was distinguished for his loyalty and incorruptibility. Later while he was in Yan Zhou, Cao Cao recruited Mao Jie to be an Imperial Attendant in the new Capital of Xu Chang.

Xiaoxian advised Cao Cao to detain the Emperor and command all the other officials with the Imperial blessing, and then later assume the role of Emperor. Mao Jie was then transferred to the Office of Merit and took up the post of Civil Administrative Assistant. Mao Jie was in charge of election of new Han officials under Cao Cao and held a superior position to the other commanding officers.

Mao Jie was also appointed as Military Director of the Right. After the establishment of Wei, he was promoted to Supervisor in the Secretariat and still kept his job of electing officials. Mao Jie was later dismissed from his office because of false charges brought on by Bai Jie. He died of natural causes in his home.

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