Biography (COB): Lu Fan (Ziheng)

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Lu Fan (Ziheng)Lu Fan (Ziheng)
呂範 (子衡)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Author Notes in Blue
Authored by Steven Trinkl

Place of Birth: Runan
Served: Yuan Shu, Sun Ce, Sun Quan
Lifespan: AD 165–229 (64 Years)
Family: Lü Xian, Lü Ju (sons)

Lü Fan, styled Ziheng, was born in Runan. His wife was the daughter of Liu Shi, a rich official. He served under Yuan Shu briefly, but then met the young Sun Ce and wished to serve him. He brought Sun Ce a hundred troops. Before deciding to hire Lü Fan, Sun Ce tested his skills in a game of Weiqi. Sun Ce led off with a move that gave Lü Fan a perfect opportunity, and Lü Fan seized it, pointing out Sun Ce’s error. Sun Ce was impressed and hired him. (This game of Weiqi is actually the first one to be recorded move for move, thus securing Lü Fan and Sun Ce’s place in history.)

Lü Fan was one of Sun Ce’s first advisors, joining him around the same time as Zhu Zhi and Zhou Yu. Lü Fan helped Sun Ce defeat Lu Gang at Lu Jiang and Liu Yao in Mo Ling, earning the prefecture of Wanling. He destroyed the bandits at Danyang and was again promoted to Chief Controller.

Lü Fan and Xu Yi led Sun Ce’s attack against Yan Baihu, and Lü Fan defeated Chen Mu. Lü Fan also helped Sun Ce defeat Zu Lang and Taishi Ci. Sun Ce appointed him General of the Gentleman of the Household Who Pacifies Rebels.

Serving under Sun Ce, Lü Fan was in charge of the army’s finances. Often times, he refused Sun Quan from receiving money for personal use. When Sun Quan matured, he respected Lü Fan’s honesty and integrity. When Sun Ce died, Lü Fan mourned at Wu before coming to serve Sun Quan.

At Chi Bi, Lü Fan served under Zhou Yu and earned the rank of Major-General. He also suggested wedding Sun Quan’s younger sister to Liu Bei in an attempt to take back Jing. When Guan Yu was slain, Lü Fan was appointed Governor of Jian Ye.

When Cao Xiu invaded Wu, Lü Fan had under his command Quan Cong, Xu Sheng, and Sun Shao. He drove off Cao Xiu and was promoted to General of the Front and was awarded jie.

In 229, the 7th year of Huang Wu, Lü Fan was appointed briefly as Commander-in-Chief, but died shortly thereafter. Sun Quan mourned his passing, and shortly thereafter, Lü Xian, Fan’s son, died as well. Lü Ju succeeded Lü Fan.

Copyright © 2004 Steven Trinkl
A biography assembled using the following sources:
Sanguozhi – Chen Shou with Pei Songzhi’s Commentary
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny