Biography (COB): Ling Tong (Gongji)

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Ling Tong (Gongji)Ling Tong (Gongji)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Yuhang, Wujun (Presently Yuhang County, Zhe Jiang Province)
Lifespan: AD 189 – 237 (48 Years)
Titles: Imperial Corps Commander Who Destroys the Rebels, Premier of Pei, Commander of the Right

When Ling Tong was only fifteen years old, his father Ling Cao, was killed in battle by Gan Ning’s arrow attacks when he was fighting against Huang Zu. Bravely following his late father’s footsteps, Ling Tong served Sun Quan and took up the post as Auxiliary Corps Commanding Officer, and then the post of Deputy Commander Who Destroys the Enemy, in order to manage his father’s troops.

Later, during Sun Quan’s third attack on Huang Zu, Ling Tong took the vanguard of the army and scored a complete victory (1). He was then promoted to Commander Who Upholds Justice.

During the period of the battle of Chi Bi, Ling Tong held the rank of Commandant. When Wu and Wei engaged at He Fei, Ling Tong was appointed Premier of Pei Country, Commander of the Right and Imperial Corps Commander Who Destroys the Rebels.

Ling Tong was an honest, righteous man who despised wealth and fame. He treated his men well and earned the respect of his fellow officers. He died of natural causes in AD 237.

(1) According to Sanguo yanyi, Ling Tong wanted to kill Gan Ning to get revenge for his father. Later on, Gan Ning saved Ling Tong from dying on the battlefield. Gan Ning’s debt was repaid and the two officers remained friends. <return>

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Major Sources: Zhongguo Lishizhu – Professor T.Chen (1965 Peking)
annotations from Wu Jianxiang dachen nianbiao and Wu Li
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny