Biography (COB): Jia Kui (Lingdao)

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Jia Kui (Lingdao)Jia Kui (Lingdao)
賈逵 (梁道)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Xiangling County, He Dong Prefecture (Presently Lifen, Shanxi Province)
Lifespan: AD 174 – Circa 230
Titles: General Who Establishes Our Prestige, Lord of Yangli Precinct, Respectful Lord

Jia Kui was a skilful martial artist and studied tactics under his grandfather. His first appointment as officials was in He Dong Prefecture; he was later promoted to Magistrate of Mianchi County.

When Cao Mengde was fighting Ma Chao, Jia Kui held position as Governor of Hong Nong Prefecture. A few years later Liangdao took up the post of Chief Secretary of the Prime Minister and Official in charge of admonition and arbitration.

After Cao Pi ascended the throne as Emperor, Jia Kui was successively appointed as Governor of Yeling Prefecture, Governor of Weijun, and Prefect of Yu Zhou. For his exemplary duties Liangdao earned the title Lord of the Second Rank.

Additionally Jia Kui initiated the renovation of weapons, the re-organization of the armed forces, the establishment of irrigation works, and also defeated general Lu Fan in battle. For these achievements he was promoted to General Who Establishes Our Prestige and titled Lord of Yangli Precinct.

During Emperor Ming’s (Cao Rui) rule, Jia Kui and Cao Xiu were dispatched to invade the Wu Kingdom. However, due to Cao Xiu’s stubborn attitude their forces met with a crushing defeat. Jia Kui rescued Cao Xiu from a siege and saved him from death at the hands of Wu officers.

Soon after this event he died and Emperor Ming gave him a posthumous title of Respectful Lord.

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