Biography (COB): Huang Zhong (Hansheng)

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Huang Zhong (Hansheng)Huang Zhong (Hansheng)
黃忠 (漢升)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Nanyang District (Presently Nanyang City in Henan Province)
Lifespan: AD 148 – 221 (73 Years)
Titles: General of the Rear, Lord of the Second Rank, Forthright Lord

Huang Zhong started his career late in his life when the Yellow Turban rebellion had recently ended. He first served Liu Biao as Imperial Corps Commander and was in charge of defending Chang Sha.

Later when Liu Biao was at war with Cao Cao, Hansheng took up the post as Deputy General under Han Xuan. At Nanjun, when Liu Bei was advancing south, he sent Guan Yu to intercept Huang Zhong. Guan Yu prevailed and captured Huang Zhong; who surrendered his forces and joined Liu Bei’s entourage.

Hansheng accompanied Liu Bei when the latter was invading the Western River Lands of Ba Shu. For his great contributions, he was titled General Who Eliminated the Barbarians.

In the twenty-fourth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 219), Huang Zhong guarded the important mountain pass at Dingjun (定军), and subsequently killed Wei’s Commander Xiahou Yuan (1). For his great defense, Hansheng was promoted to General Who Conquers the West.

In that same year, Liu Bei proclaimed himself King of Hanzhong, and Huang Zhong was honored as one of the Tiger Generals. In the twenty-sixth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 221), Liu Bei ascended the throne as Emperor of Shu, and conferred upon Huang Zhong the post of General of the Rear and title Lord of the Second Rank.

Later that year when Liu Bei attacked Wu at Yi Ling, Huang Zhong was killed in battle and titled Forthright Lord posthumously (2).

(1) SGYY Chapter 71. Fa Zheng’s strategy caused Xiahou Yuan to lose sight of the situation. Though Zhang He saw through the plot, Yuan was too stubborn to listen. <return>

(2) SGYY Chapter 83. When Huang Zhong pursued enemy troops, he was enclosed by four units and forced to retreat to a hill. There he was ambushed and shot by an arrow. He died of his wounds in the Shu encampment. <return>

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