Biography (COB): He Miao

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He Miao – 何苗

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Wan City, Nanyang Commandery
Lifespan: AD 133 – 189 (56 Years)
Titles: General of Cavalry and Chariots, Marquis of Wuyang
Family: Empress He, He Jin

He Miao was the older half-brother of Empress He. Miao was the son of the Lady of Wuyang, but had a different father (1). Like his younger brother, He Miao was sent to the Capital when his half-sister became the Empress He.

The only military achievement of He Miao was when he put down a small rebellion in Henan Commandery, which was quite close to the Imperial Capital. He was awarded the rank of General of Chariots and Cavalry and titled Marquis of Wuyang (2).

When Emperor Ling died in the last year of Central Stability (AD 189), He Miao supported his nephew Liu Bian’s ascension. The eunuchs were afraid of losing their power when the He Family took over the Government and deposed the Empress-Dowager Dong. In order to gain favor with the new Empress-Dowager He, the eunuchs Zhang Rang and Duan Gui sent many gifts to He Miao and his mother the Lady Wuyang.

He Miao and his half-sister took the side of the eunuchs, while He Jin and the Imperial Yuan family wanted to get rid of them. At this time, He Miao only acted as a messenger to the Empress-Dowager He, and kept He Jin and Yuan Shao from murdering the eunuchs.

After He Jin’s death on September 22nd of the same year, He Miao’s usefulness was at an end. During Dong Zhuo’s coup, He Miao was assassinated along with other officials.

(1) This probably means that the Lady of Wuyang was married before she married the father of He Jin and Empress He. It is probable that Miao changed his surname to He when the Lady He became Empress. <return>

(2) These titles were originally given to his step-father, the posthumous Marquis of Wuyang. It’s not certain if He Miao actually replaced his father as Marquis, or if he was simply granted the title because his step-father was dead, which means the title was open to a new candidate. <return>

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