Biography (COB): Han Dang (Yigong)

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Han Dang (Yigong)Han Dang (Yigong)
韓當 (義公)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Ling Zi, Liao Xi (present Qi Anan in Hebei Province)
Lifespan: AD 156 – 223 (67 years)
Titles: General who Exhibits Forcefulness and Power, Lord of the Capital Precinct, Governor of Yong Chang

One of Sun Jian’s first generals, and highly respected as a warrior and leader by Sun Jian. Han Dang was a physically impressive individual who took pride in personal appearance. It was said that Han Dang’s arms were as strong as steel, and he was a master of archery and riding.

While serving Sun Jian, Han Dang was always present while fighting the Yellow Turban rebels, and was appointed as Auxiliary Corps Commanding Officer, for his contributions.

Han Dang naturally followed his colleagues in serving Sun Ce after Sun Jian’s death in Jing Zhou. While Han Dang did not actively participate in the conquer of Jiang Dong, he was appointed to the rear guard to ensure safe passage for Sun Ce. When Sun Ce declared independence, Han Dang was appointed Commandant who Displays Fierce Power, and Magistrate of An Le.

After his active contribution at the battle of Chi Bi, Zhou Yu petitioned Han Dang’s promotion to General of the Imperial Corps, Auxiliary General and Governor of Yong Chang.

In the first year of Prince Wu (Huang Wu), AD 222, Han Dang was appointed to serve under Lu Xun’s Command, and successfully helped repel the invasion of Shu at Yi Ling. For his loyalty and bravery, he was then appointed General who Exhibits Forcefulness and Power, and received the title of Lord of the Capital Precinct.

In the second year of Prince Wu (Huang Wu), AD 223, Han Dang led an army to subdue a rebellion in Danyang and later died of illness.

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Major Sources: Zhongguo Lishizhu – Professor T.Chen (1965 Peking)
annotations from Wu Jianxiang dachen nianbiao and Wu Li
Generals of the South – Rafe de Crespigny