Biography (COB): Guo Si

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Guo SiGuo Si

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Zhangye City (Presently Zhangye City in Gansu Province)
Lifespan: AD 146 – 197 (51 Years)
Titles: Great General, Grand Commander

Guo Si started his career as Commandant under Dong Zhuo’s general Niu Fu. After his Lord’s death at the hand of Lü Bu, Guo Si, together with Fan Chou and Li Jue attacked the capital Chang An. Lü Bu was not able to defend against multiple forces and withdrew from the city (1). Guo Si divided Chang An into three parts for himself and his two friends.

Guo Si dealt with all government affairs and terrorized both the common people and the Han ministry. He styled himself Great General, and later Grand Commander.

Guo Si and Li Jue were tricked into fighting each other in Chang An, resulting in more damage to the weakened city (2). Later in the second year of rebuilt tranquility (AD 197), Guo Si was killed by his officer Wei Xu.

(1) It was Jia Xu who devised the plan for the attack on the Capital. <return>

(2) Imperial Minister Yang Biao plotted against the two friends by using his own wife Lady Kai to spread rumors to Guo Si’s wife Lady Qiong. <return>

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