Biography (COB): Guan Xing (Xingguo)

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Guan Xing (Xingguo)Guan Xing (Xingguo)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Xie County, He Dong Prefecture (Presently Yuncheng in Shan Xi Province)
Lifespan: AD 193 – 2??
Titles: Commander of the Left Guard, Flying Dragon General
Family: Guan Yu (father), Guan Ping, Guan Suo (brothers), Guan Tong, Guan Yi (sons), Zhang Bao (sworn brother)

Guan Xing was the second son of Guan Yu, and the brother of Guan Ping and Guan Suo (1). Guan Xing was an energetic and fun loving child, he spent his days practicing the martial arts with his older brother and father; and enjoyed riding horses.

Guan Xing was around the same age as Zhang Fei’s son Zhang Bao, and the two spent much time together in their youth. As their fathers before them, Guan Xing and Zhang Bao swore an oath of brotherhood.

After Guan Yu’s death in AD 219, Xingguo followed Liu Bei in the attack on Wu (2). Guan Xing attacked and killed his enemy Pan Zhang; the person who captured his father and also took his prized possession (3).

Though the battle of Yi Ling against Wu ended in a grave defeat for Liu Bei, Guan Xing and others received many rewards.

When the Prime Minister Zhuge Liang made peace with Wu and invaded the northern lands, Guan Xing was appointed as Commander of the Left Guard and titled Flying Dragon General. When Guo Huai and Cao Zhen persuaded the Qiang tribe to attack the Shu army during their attack on Wei, Guan Xing, Zhang Bao and Ma Dai volunteered to defeat them. The Qiangs attacked their troops with Iron Chariots and arrows, and although Ma Dai and Zhang Bao escaped, Guan Xing and his troops were trapped. The Qiang general Yue Ji pursued Guan Xing, but while he was trying to get away, Xingguo and his horse fell into ditch filled with water. The Qiang troops surrounded Guan Xing, but were attacked by Ma Dai and Zhang Bao in the rear.

The Qiangs retreated temporarily, so the three generals went back to Zhuge Liang’s camp. With the help of Jiang Wei, Guan Xing and Zhang Bao were able to ambush the Qiang tribe and score a great victory. Xingguo found Yue Ji and slew him. They pressed the attack on Guo Huai and Cao Zhen, and drove them back to Chang An.

Guan Xing had two sons, Guan Tong and Guan Yi. The latter was adopted and served the Shu Emperor in Cheng Du. When Wei took over Yi Zhou; Guan Yi was killed in the attack.

(1) Guan Xing is actually Guan Yu’s first born son, because Guan Ping was adopted. However because Guan Ping was still alive, Guan Xing was recorded as the second son. <return>

(2) When the First Ruler (Liu Bei) was planning the attack of Yi Ling, both Guan Xing and Zhang Bao volunteered for the vanguard. Zhang Bao’s recklessness brought him into a dangerous situation and would have died if Guan Xing had not killed Li Yi; who was pursuing Zhang Bao. <return>

(3) From SGYY, Chapter 83. Guan Xing beheaded General Pan Zhang, taking back the Green Dragon Saber. The Red Hare died before Guan Xing could get it back. <return>

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