Biography (COB): Chun Yuqiong

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Chun Yuqiong (Zhongjian)Chun Yuqiong (Zhongjian)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Unknown
Lifespan: AD 146 – 200 (54 Years)
Titles: General

Chun Yuqiong was one of Yuan Shao’s officers from the beginning of the latter’s career. He was known as a heavy drinker and was often seen indulging himself in wine with his officers.

During the decisive battle of Guan Du, Zhongjian was commanded to guard the food depot at Wuchao. Cao Cao’s food supply was running low, so instead of a drawn out campaign, Cao Cao followed Xu You’s advice and scored victory by burning down Wuchao (1). Chun Yuqiong was too drunk to defend the depot and Cao Cao scored a mayor victory.

Chun Yuqiong was captured by Cao Cao and was deprived of ears, nose and hands. The mutilated man was bound on a horse and sent back to Yuan Shao, who promptly had him executed.

(1) The complete story of Guan Du can be found in SGYY Chapter 30. <return>

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