Biography (COB): Chen Jiao (Jibi)

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Chen Jiao (Jibi)Chen Jiao (Jibi)
陳矯 (季弼)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Dongyang County Guangling (Presently Xuyi in Jiangsu Province)
Lifespan: AD 170 – 237 (67 Years)
Titles: Privy Counselor, Imperial Minister of State, Minister of Interior, Lord of Dongxiang, Faithful Lord

At the beginning of the chaotic times, Chen Jiao took refuge in Jiang Dong (the later Wu Kingdom), but refused appointments from both Yuan Shu and Sun Ce. He then returned to his home county and was accepted at the Office of Merit in Dongyang.

When Sun Quan besieged Dongyang, Chen Jiao asked Cao Cao for help and won his favor. From then on Chen Jiao worked for Cao Cao and took up many posts like subordinate officer in the Ministry of Public Works, Magistrate of Xiang County, and Senior Adviser of the Office of the General Who Conquers the South.

Besides all this, Jibi was the Governor of many districts and was highly respected for his contributions. During Cao Cao’s Hanzhong campaign, Chen Jiao was appointed as a member of the Secretariat. Before Cao Cao died, Chen Jiao suggested Cao Pi as successor and prepared the legal and ceremonial work for the new ruler.

Later during Cao Pi’s rule, Chen Jibi was appointed Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Personnel and title Lord of Gaoling Precinct.

After Cao Rui succeeded his father as Emperor of Wei, Chen Jiao was titled Lord of Dongxiang and appointed Privy Counselor, Imperial Minister of State and Minister of Interior.

Chen Jiao was known as a righteous, happy yet calm person. He died of natural causes in the year AD 237 and was titled Faithful Lord posthumously.

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