Biography (COB): Cheng Yu (Zhongde)

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Cheng Yu (Zhongde)Cheng Yu (Zhongde)
程昱 (仲德)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Dong Er, Dong County (Presently Yanggu County in Shandong Province)
Lifespan: AD 140 – 220 (80 Years)
Titles: Governor of Jiyang, Who Exhibits Might, Respectful Lord, General of Chariots and Cavalry

Cheng Yu was a very tall man and had a handsome beard. When he first enlisted into Cao Cao’s service he was made County Magistrate of Shouzhang. When Cao Cao moved the Emperor and the capital to Xu Chang, Cheng Yu was appointed as member of the Secretariat, Governor of Jiyang and General Who Exhibits Might.

Zhongde played a great role in the pacification of He Bei and after having reported all of Cao Cao’s victories to the Emperor Xian, he returned to his home county of Dong Er.

Historical records say that Cheng Yu was a cruel, strong headed and fierce man who was often caught in conflicts between people. Cao Cao admired and respected Cheng Yu for his insight and courage on the battlefield.

When Cao Pi proclaimed himself Wei Emperor, he was going to offer Cheng Yu a place as on the three highest ranking officials. However, Cheng Yu died before he could be appointed in the year AD 220.

Cao Pi honored Cheng Yu and posthumously titled him Respectful Lord and General of Chariots and Cavalry.

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