Biography (COB): Cao Ren (Zixiao)

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Cao Ren (Zixiao)Cao Ren (Zixiao)
曹仁 (子孝)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Qiao County, Pei (Bozhou City, An Hui Province)
Lifespan: AD 168 – 223 (55 Years)
Titles: General Who Stabilises the West, Great General, Great Minister of War, Loyal Lord

Cao Ren was one of Cao Cao’s younger cousins and one of the top generals in his army. Like most of his cousins, Cao Ren enjoyed riding horses on the plains and hunting in the great forests. Impressed by Cao Cao’s dedication to stopping Dong Zhuo, Cao Ren gathered several thousands of volunteers from his home county.

Zixiao participated in many battles, including the fight for He Bei, the wars against Lü Bu and Tao Qian, and the pursuit of Liu Bei. On the battlefield, Cao Ren continuously displayed valour and loyalty. For his great contributions, he was promoted to Auxiliary Corps Commanding Officer, General Who Stabilises the West, Great General and Great Minister of War successively.

Under Cao Pi, Zixiao guarded Jing Zhou against Shu and Wu. He died of natural causes in the AD 223 and was titled Loyal Lord posthumously.

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