Biography (COB): Cao Hong (Zilian)

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Cao Hong (Zilian)Cao Hong (Zilian)
曹洪 (子廉)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Qiao County, Pei (Presently Bozhou City in An Hui Province)
Lifespan: AD 169 – 232 (63 Years)

Cao Hong was the younger cousin of Cao Cao. When his uncle was defeated by Xu Rong’s troops, Cao Hong saved his life by giving Cao Cao his horse and retreating on foot (1). Cao Hong took part in the battles against Yuan Shao, Tao Qian, Lü Bu and the Yellow Turbans, and was able to contribute to Cao Cao’s great success.

Zilian was awarded the posts of Commandant of Yingchang, Imperial Corps Commander Who Displays Armed Might, and titled the Official in Charge or Admonition of Arbitration, General Who is Successively the Vanguard, General of the District Guard and Lord of Mingting.

After Cao Pi succeeded his father and took the throne as Wei Emperor, Cao Hong was promoted to General of the Guard, General of the Flying Cavalry and was titled Lord of Duyang and Yewang.

During Emperor Cao Rui’s reign, Cao Hong took charge in the defense of important cities like Chang An. His title was changed to Lord of Yuecheng and in AD 232 Cao Hong died and was titled Respectful Lord posthumously.

(1) Though the book mentions Dong Zhuo, the actual battle was fought by the Governor of Hong Nong, Xu Rong. <return>

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