Biography (COB): Cao Chun (Zihe)

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Cao Chun (Zihe)Cao Chun (Zihe)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
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Place of Birth: Qiao County, Pei (Presently Bozhou City in An Hui Province)
Lifespan: AD 170 – 210 (40 Years)
Titles: Lord of Gaoling Precinct, Powerful Lord

Cao Chun was one of Cao Cao’s younger cousins (1). Although Cao Chun did not stand out in battle like Cao Ren or Cao Hong, history tells us that Cao Zihe participated in the battles against Yuan Shao and Liu Bei at a very young age.

For his achievements, Cao Chun was titled Lord of Gaoling Precinct. Cao Chun died of natural causes in the year 210 and after Cao Pi ascended the throne, Zihe was titled Powerful Lord posthumously.

(1) It could be that Cao Chun was the younger brother of either Cao Hong or Cao Ren, which would explain why he did not participate in as much battles. <return>

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