Biography (COB): Bao Xun (Shuye)

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Bao Xun (Shuye)
鮑勛 (叔業)

Comprehensive Officer Biography
Translated & Authored by

Place of Birth: Pingyang County, Taishan Prefecture (Presently Xintai in Shandong Province)
Lifespan: AD 1?? – 224
Titles: Court Attendant of the Inner Office, Assistant Minister of Disciplinary Affairs

Bao Xun was the son of Bao Xin, one of Cao Cao’s officers. Because his father was killed in battle, Shuye was appointed as Assistant in the Prime Minister’s Office by Cao Cao. Later he took up the post of Common Official of the Crown Prince and Court Attendant of the Inner Office.

Bao Xun was upright and disliked flattery, because of this; he offended Cao Pi and was dismissed from his office. A few years later he was appointed as Privy Counselor and followed Cao Pi in a grand hunt.

Shuye always spoke his mind and openly tried to dissuade Cao Pi’s actions. After again offending Cao Pi, Bao Xun was demoted to Imperial Corps Commander of the Right. Cao Pi eventually gave into the pressure of many officials and appointed Bao Xun as Assistant Minister of Disciplinary Affairs.

When Cao Pi invaded Wu, he was again offended by Bao Xun’s open objections regarding the war. Shuye was again demoted and reduced to handling documents of law.

When another official framed a case against Bao Xun, Cao Pi used it as an excuse to have him executed despite resistance from many officials.

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