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Yuan Shang Faction: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
逢紀 (元圖)
Fêng Chi (Yüan-t‘u) 逢纪 (元图)
Vassal of Yuan Shao. Supported Yuan Shang as Shao’s successor.

Notes: ‘Peng Ji’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation. ‘Pang Ji’ in the ZZTJ.

Fêng Li 张礼
Served Yuan Shang. Punished for intoxication. Betrayed to Wei. Killed by Shen Pei.
Kuo Yüan 郭援
Yuan Shang general. Zhong Yao’s sister’s son. Slain by Pang De at Pingyang.
Han Fan 韩范
Feigned surrender to Cao Cao but was persuaded by Xu Huang to genuinely surrender.
Chü Ku 沮鹄
Maintained Handan. Defeated by Zhang Liao and shot while fleeing.

Notes: Appears in some Koei games, and a few other sources, as Ju Hu.

李孚 (子憲)
Li Fu (Tzŭ-hsien) 李孚 (子宪)
Snuck through the Wei lines into Ye and then back out again.

Notes: ‘Li Mu’ in chapter 32 and ‘Li Qu’ in chapters 79 and 80, and ‘Li Zu’ in chapter 97 of the online Brewitt-Taylor translation to distinguish from others named Li Fu.

Liang Ch‘i 梁岐
Surrendered his county to Cao Cao in 204.
Lü K‘uang 吕旷
Served Yuan Shang. Defected to Yuan Tan then Cao Cao. Attacking Liu Bei, killed by Zhao Yun.
Lü Hsiang 吕翔
Younger brother of Lü Kuang, whom he followed everywhere.

Notes: He is known as Lü Xiang in SGZ and SGYY, and Gao Xiang (高翔) in HHS and ZZTJ.

Ma Yen 马延
Served Yuan Shang, and later Cao Cao. Killed by Gan Ning.
牽招 (子經)
Ch‘ien Chao (Tzŭ-ching) 牵招 (子经)
Persuaded the Wuhuan to side with Cao Cao over the Yuan’s. Mourned Yuan Shang.
審配 (正南)
Shên P‘ei (Chêng-nan) 审配 (正南)
Served Yuan Shao with loyalty. After Shao’s death, sided with his youngest son, Shang.
Shên Jung 审荣
Nephew of Shen Pei. Betrayed Jizhou after the family of his friend, Xin Pi, was executed.
Su Yu 苏由
Defended Ji when Yuan Shang went to help his brother against Cao Cao.
Yin K‘ai 尹楷
Mantained supplies for Yuan Shang. Killed by Xu Chu in the novel.
袁尚 (顯甫)
Yüan Shang (Hsien-fu) 袁尚 (显甫)
A handsome man, won his father’s favor but lost to Cao Cao. Executed by Gongsun Kang.
袁熙 (顯奕)
Yüan Hsi (Hsien-i) 袁熙 (显奕)
Eventually took in Shang, driven out by revolt. Executed by Gongsun Kang.
Chang I 张顗
Killed by Gan Ning as he cleared the road ahead for Cao Cao. Historically not at Chibi.

Notes: ‘Zhang Zi’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation to distinguish among others named Zhang Yi.



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