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Officers Y: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
Yatan 雅丹
Fictional. Prime Minister to King Cheliji of the Western Qiang.

Notes: Frequently written ‘Ya Dan’.

Yen Paihu [White Tiger Yen] 严白虎
Fought with Sun Ce, but was defeated. Killed by Dong Xi.

Notes: ‘白虎’ translates to ‘White Tiger’, thus his alleged Chinese name of Yan Baihu actually reads ‘White Tiger of Yan’, as he appears in several English books. Yan Baihu was recorded in history by his nickname. His real name, if he actually had one, is unknown.

Yen Kang 严纲
Officer of Gongsun Zan. Led Zan’s army at Jieqiao, but was killed by Qu Yi.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Yan Guang’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

嚴畯 (曼才)
Yen Chün (Man-ts‘ai) 严畯 (曼才)
Refused appointment as Lu Su’s successor. He was unable to ride a horse.
Yen K‘uang 严匡
In charge of the colonies around Xu city, he led reinforcements to put down Jin Yi’s revolt.
Yen Liang 颜良
A fierce general in service under Yuan Shao. Beheaded by Guan Yu.
Yen P‘u 阎圃
Advised Zhang Lu on the defence against Cao Cao, stopped Lu becoming King.

Notes: Also called Yan Fu.

Yen Jou 阎柔
Lived among the tribes as a child. Campaigned with Cao Cao against the Wuwan.
閻溫 (伯儉)
Yen Wên (Po-chien) 阎温 (伯俭)
Captured by Ma Chao, when dragged before the walls, he urged the defenders to fight on.
Yen Hsiang 阎象
Senior member of Yuan Shu’s staff. Objected to Yuan Shu’s plans to assume the imperial title.
Yen Yen 严颜
Served Liu Zhang, but surrendered to Zhang Fei after being defeated by him.
Yen Yü 严舆
Killed by an enraged Sun Ce after suggesting that Sun Ce join Yan Baihu.

Notes: Also said to be Yan Xing in Dynasty Tactics 2.

閻宇 (文平)
Yen Yü (Wên-p‘ing) 阎宇 (文平)
A respected figure in Shu, given command of the south. In novel, becomes Huang Hao’s man.

Notes: Yan Yu’s name is incorrectly translated in the Brewitt-Taylor as ‘Yan Yun’.

Yen Chêng 严政
Officer of Zhang Bao. Killed Bao when defeat was inevitable.
Yen Chih 阎芝
Reinforced Liu Bei after Yiling, died at Hanzhong when at service with Zhuge Liang.
Yang Ang 杨昂
Fought under Ma Chao and aided Zhang Wei in building strong defences against Cao Cao.
Yang Piao 杨彪
Stripped of rank and banished by both Dong Zhuo and Cao Cao. Drove Li Jue and Guo Si apart.
Yang Po 杨柏
Jealous of Ma Chao, prevented marriage alliance between Zhang Lu and Ma Chao.
Yang Ch‘ou 杨丑
Killed his former lord Zhang Yang, for Cao Cao, but in turn was killed by Sui Gu.
Yang Tao 羊道
Helped Cai Yong escape the eunuchs and find safety in the south-east.
Yang Fêng 杨奉
Betrayed Li Jue to help Emperor Xian. Served Yuan Shu then Lü Bu. Killed by Bei’s men.
Yang Fêng 杨锋
Man chieftain. Ally of Meng Huo, who later betrayed to help Zhuge Liang.

Notes: Referenced incorrectly as ‘Yang Fang’ in Brewitt-Taylor’s translation and other sources.

楊阜 (義山)
Yang Fu (I-shan) 杨阜 (义山)
Helped defeat Ma Chao. Criticized Cao Rui’s extravagance in clothing, buildings and woman.
楊洪 (季休)
Yang Hung (Chi-hsiu) 杨洪 (季休)
Argued with Li Yan, urged Zhuge Liang to follow orders and raise all forces for Hanzhong.
羊祜 (叔子)
Yang Hu (Shu-tzŭ) 羊祜 (叔子)
A talented Jin officer. Held Xiang Yang. Formed a friendship with Lu Kang of Wu.
Yang Huai 杨怀
Officer of Liu Zhang. Executed after an attempt to assassinate Liu Bei.
Yang Chi 杨济
Champion General under Jin. Controlled the field armies during the invasion of Wu.
Yang Chi 杨稷
Close offical of Cao Rui, respected Liu Ye. Opposed camapign against Shu.
楊俊 (季才)
Yang Chün (Chi-ts‘ai) 杨俊 (季才)
A widely admired offical, he established schools in area’s he governed and helped bring talent to Wei.
楊慮 (威方)
Yang Lü (Wei-fang) 杨虑 (威方)
Served Shu. Yang Yi’s brother, died at 17 but was known for virtue.
Yang Mi 杨密
Imperial Corps Commander. Persuaded Guo Si not to kill Yang Biao.
Yang P’u 杨仆
King of Di at Wudu.
Yang Ch‘i 杨琦
Advised through Li Jue and Guo Si’s abuse, recommended Jia Xu. Plotted against Li Jue.
Yang Ch‘iu 杨秋
Sent by Han Sui to Cao Cao as an envoy of peace. Surrendered when under siege.
Yang Ch‘ün 阳群
Shu officer. Died in the year following Kongming’s occupation of Hanzhong.
Yang Jên 杨任
Fought well against Cao Cao’s forces at Yangping, lured out and killed in battle.

Notes: He is called Yan Ren in the online version of the novel and possibly in other sources.

Yang Sung 杨松
Vassal of Zhang Lu. Known to be greedy, he betrayed Zhang Lu.
楊偉 (世英)
Yang Wei (Shih-ying) 杨伟 (世英)
Military advisor to Cao Shuang. During Cao Shuang’s campaign in 244, he urged retreat, warning that the army would suffer a huge defeat otherwise.
楊戲 (文然)
Yang Hsi (Wên-jan) 杨戏 (文然)
Respected for his honesty but was sacked and died a commoner. Wrote the Ji-Han fuchen zan.
Yang Hsin 杨欣
Served Wei. District Governor of Jincheng before helping Deng Ai’s invasion of Shu.
楊修 (德祖)
Yang Hsiu (Tê-tsu) 杨修 (德祖)
A talented scholar and friend of Cao Zhi, helped Zhi cheat Cao Cao’s tests.
Yang I 杨稷
Grand Administrator of Jiaozhi in Jin Dynasty.
楊儀 (威公)
Yang I (Wei-kung) 杨仪 (威公)
Opposed old enemy Wei Yan. Later later stripped of rank for dissensitoius words.
Yang Chao (Hsiu-ch‘u) 杨肇
Sent to rescue Bu Chan, suffered horrendous defeat, retreat was a disaster. Sacked.
Yang Tso 杨祚
Goes with Bei Yan and makes strong camp, suggests waiting for Sima Yi to retreat.
I Yin 伊尹
Honored official of the Shang Dynasty. Helped Tang of Shang to defeat King Jie of Xia.
Yin Tamu 尹大目
Tried to stop Wen Qin during Guanqiu Jian’s rebellion, but failed.
Yin Teng 殷登
Recorded Shan Yang’s prediction that Cao Pi would take the throne. Was rewarded by Cao Pi.
Yin Fan 隐蕃
A false defector to Wu, charmed many people but revolt failed, died bravely.
Yin Fêng (Tzŭ-tsêng) 尹奉
A man of respected family, he played a part in driving away Ma Chao.
Yin K‘ai 尹楷
Mantained supplies for Yuan Shang. Killed by Xu Chu in the novel.
Yin K‘uei 殷馗
An expert in astrology, he predicted a Perfect Man would rise, later thought to mean Cao Cao.

Notes: ‘Yin Ku’ in chapter 32 of the online Brewitt-Taylor translation; likely a typo as he is Yin Kui elsewhere.

Yin Li [Lu’êrh] 尹礼[卢儿]
A bandit leader, he later helped Zang Ba against the Yuan’s. Called Black Boy.

Notes: Lu’er, which translates to ‘Black Boy’, was his nickname.

尹默 (思潛)
Yin Mo (Ssŭ-ch‘ien) 尹默 (思潜)
Learnt from Sima Hui, had great knowledge of the classics, appointed tutor of Liu Shan.
Yin Shang 尹赏
Friend of Jiang Wei in Tianshui. Surrendered Tianshui to Shu, made Prefect of Jicheng.
應劭 (仲瑗)
Ying Shao (Chung-yüan) 应劭 (仲瑗)
His historical work remain an important source of information on Later Han.

Notes: Called Ling Shao in the Shi Yu.

Yung K‘ai 雍闓
Along with Gao Ding and Zhu Bao, rebelled in Southern Yizhou.
Yu T‘u 尤突
Commoner of Poyang, asked by Cao Cao to lead men against Wu. He Qi and Lu Xun beat him.
Yü Tu 于毒
A leader of the Black Mountain Bandits, he was defeated by Cao Cao then later by Yuan Shao.

Notes: Commonly displayed as Yu Du. His name, a title, is properly displayed as Poison Yu.

虞翻 (仲翔)
Yü Fan (Chung-hsiang) 虞翻 (仲翔)
Advisor to Wang Lang. Surrendered to Sun Ce. Convinced Mi Fang, Fu Shiren to defect to Wu.
于禁 (文則)
Yü Chin (Wên-tsê) 于禁 (文则)
Served Cao Cao. Surrendered to Guan Yu. Shamed by Cao Pi into suicide.
Yü Mi 于麋
An officer of Liu Yao. Defeated in a duel with Sun Ce and died.
Yü Ch‘üan 于诠
Served as commander in Wu during Sun Liang’s reign. Helped support Zhuge Dan.
Yü Jang 豫让
Assassin from the Warring States period. Disfigured himself to avenge Zhi Yao.
Yü Shê 俞涉
Served as a commander under Yuan Shu. Killed by Hua Xiong.
Yü Ssŭ 虞汜
Son of Yu Fan.
Yüan Pa 袁覇
Advised Cao Cao to become Duke and Cao Pi to become emperor.
袁逢 (周陽)
Yüan Fêng (Chou-yang) 袁逢 (周阳)
Father of Yuan Shu and possibly Yuan Shao. Minister of Agriculture in service to Han.
袁閎 (夏輔)
Yüan Hung (Hsia-fu) 袁闳 (夏辅)
Rebuked his relatives for prospering when the Han was in disorder, the Turbans respected him.
袁渙 (曜卿)
Yüan Huan (Yao-ch‘ing) 袁涣 (曜卿)
A man of courtesy, generosity and restraint, he refused to rebuke Liu Bei.
Yüan Hui 袁徽
Refused appointment from Cao Cao but praised Shi Xie and Xu Jing.
Yüan Chi 袁基
A member of the Yuan family, he was executed due to Yuan Shao’s revolt.
Yüan Min 袁敏
Discussed matters with Xian and an expert with a sword, he was interested in hydrology.
Yüan P‘ang 袁滂
Father of Yuan Huan, who served Wei.
袁尚 (顯甫)
Yüan Shang (Hsien-fu) 袁尚 (显甫)
A handsome man, won his father’s favor but lost to Cao Cao. Executed by Gongsun Kang.
Yüan Shao 爰邵
Guard of Deng Ai. Versed in the Book of Changes, he predicts Deng Ai’s success and fall.

Notes: Sometimes called Shao Yuan, likely to differentiate from his more famous namesake. Dispite the fact that they are different Han Zi, Yuan Shao of Wei’s name is pronounced exactly the same as the more commonly known Yuan2 Shao4 [Benchu]

袁紹 (本初)
Yüan Shao (Pên-ch‘u) 袁绍 (本初)
Childhood friend, and later enemy of, Cao Cao. Defeated at Guandu.
袁術 (公路)
Yüan Shu (Kung-lu) 袁术 (公路)
Relative of Yuan Shao. Declared himself Emperor, but soon after died.
Yüan Ssŭ 袁嗣
Surrendered to Cao Cao in 196.
袁譚 (顯思)
Yüan T‘an (Hsien-ssŭ) 袁谭 (显思)
A famed general but a poor governor, fought against Shang for the succession.
Yüan Wei (Tz‘ŭ-yang) 袁隗
A famed minister, aided He Jin’s avengers. Killed by a vengeful Dong Zhuo.
袁熙 (顯奕)
Yüan Hsi (Hsien-i) 袁熙 (显奕)
Eventually took in Shang, driven out by revolt. Executed by Gongsun Kang.
Yüan Hsiung 袁雄
Lü Meng, having committed murder, gave himself up to Xiong who told Sun Ce about Meng.
Yüan Yao 袁燿
Son of Yuan Shu. Fled south to Liu Xun, later to Sun Ce.
袁遺 (伯業)
Yüan I (Po-yeh) 袁遗 (伯业)
Admired by Zhang Chao and Cao Cao. Defeated by Yuan Shu and killed by his own men.
Yüan Yin 袁胤
Defended Yuan Shu’s belongings after Shu’s death, but was killed by Cao Cao.
袁忠 (正輔)
Yüan Chung (Chêng-fu) 袁忠 (正辅)
Fled his post during the civil war. Alleged to have been murdered on Cao Cao’s orders,
Yüeh Ch‘ên 乐綝
Served Wei. Son of Yue Jin. Campaigned against Shu with Cao Zhen. Executed by Zhuge Dan.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Yue Shen’ in some Koei games, and on rare occasion referenced as ‘Yue Lin’.

樂進 (文謙)
Yüeh Chin (Wên-ch‘ien) 乐进 (文谦)
Served Cao Cao from the beginning. Shot from his horse by Gan Ning. Small-framed.

Notes: His name is incorrectly translated as Yue Jing in some Brewitt-Taylor editions. Yue Jin is also sometimes translated as Le Jin (and in Destiny of an Emperor they somehow botched it up further to Le Xin).

Yüeh Chiu 乐就
Served Yuan Shu guarding Shouchun, but died after his defeat there by Cao Cao.
Yüeh Sung 乐松
A possible eunuch, he warned against Zhang Jue and defend his critic Yang Ci.
Yüeh I 乐毅
Minister of the states of Zhao and Yan in the Warring States era. Also known as Lord Guojun.

Notes: Also known as ‘Lord Guojun’.

Yüehchi 越吉
Fictional. Marshal under King Cheliji of the Western Qiang. Killed by Guan Xing.

Notes: Frequently written ‘Yue Ji’.

Yüfulo 於夫罗
Chief of the Southern Xiongnu. Aided Yuan Shu and Zhang Yang.
Yün Ying 云英
Concubine of Dong Cheng. Her interactions with Qin Qingtong got Cheng killed.



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