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Officers T: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
T‘atun 蹋顿
A Wuhuan chief. Slain in battle with Zhang Liao’s troops.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Mao Dun’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

太史慈 (子義)
T‘aishih Tz‘ŭ (Tzŭ-i) 太史慈 (子义)
Served Liu Yao, then Wu. Helped save Kong Rong from the Yellow Scarves.
太史享 (元復)
T‘aishih Hsiang (Yüan-fu) 太史享 (元复)
Held various posts in Wu. In novel, looked after by Quan after Ci’s death.

Notes: Also known as Heng in the novel.

檀敷 (文友)
T‘an Fu (Wên-yu) 檀敷 (文友)
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Shanyang.
T‘an Hsiung 谭雄
General of Sun Huan. Fights at Yiling, wounds Zhang Bao’s horse.
唐彬 (儒宗)
T‘ang Pin (Ju-tsung) 唐彬 (儒宗)
General of Jin who participated in the conquest of Wu. Described as fast as an elk.
T‘ang Chou 唐周
Follower of Zhang Jue. Betrayed his plans to the Han, and got Ma Yuanyi beheaded.
T‘ang Tzŭ 唐咨
Served Wu then surrendered to Wei. Collected ships for Zhong Hui.
T‘anshihhuai 檀石槐
Tanshihuai led the Xianbei in raiding Han China. Defeated Han forces in AD 177.
陶璜 (世英)
T‘ao Huang (Shih-ying) 陶璜 (世英)
Fought against rebels and Jin when serving Wu, a popular governor of Jiaozhi for 30 years.
T‘ao Chün 陶浚
A general of Wu. During Jin’s invasion, sent to meet the invading Jin forces.
陶謙 (恭祖)
T‘ao Ch‘ien (Kung-tsu) 陶谦 (恭祖)
Inspector of Xuzhou. Fought violently with Cao Cao. Died of illness.
T‘ao Shêng 陶升
Bandit leader, he rescued the family of many officials when he took Ye. Yuan Shao rewarded him for it.
陶丘洪 (子林)
T‘aoch‘iu Hung (Tzŭ-lin) 陶丘洪 (子林)
Praised Liu Dai and Liu Yao. Almost joined a plot to kidnap Emperor Ling.
T‘êng Tan 滕耽
A gentlemen of the same province as Liu Yao, had a fine reputation in Wu.
滕脩 (顯先)
T‘êng Hsiu (Hsien-hsien) 滕脩 (显先)
Late era General of Wu who governed Guangzhou. He later became Minister of Works.
滕胤 (承嗣)
T‘êng Yin (Ch‘êng-ssŭ) 滕胤 (承嗣)
Minister of Wu. Argued to Sun Jun that Zhuge Ke should be put to death.
T‘êng Chou 滕胄
Served Liu Yao and then the Sun family. Skilled at literary composition
田疇 (子泰)
T‘ien Ch‘ou (Tzŭ-t‘-ai) 田畴 (子泰)
Acted as guide against Wuhuan for Wei, refused reward as he felt he had failed Liu Yu.
T‘ien Fên 田芬
Accompanied Emperor Xian during his flight away from Li Jue, killed in battle.
田豐 (元皓)
T‘ien Fêng (Yüan-hao) 田丰 (元皓)
Served Yuan Shao, who ignored his advice. Killed himself after being slandered by Feng Ji.
T‘ien K‘ai 田楷
Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Qingzhou by Gongsun Zan. Fought against Cao Cao.
T‘ien Shao 田韶
Viewed Gongsun Du contemptuously. Killed by Du along with some other local gentry.
T‘ien Hsü 田续
Slew Deng Ai and his son in revenge for Deng Ai nearly executing him.
T‘ien I 田仪
Went to attend to Dong Zhuo’s corpse. Executed by Lü Bu.

Notes: Also called Tian Jing.

T‘ien Yin 田银
Rose in revolt with Su Bao but was defeated by Jia Xin.
田豫 (國讓)
T‘ien Yü (Kuo-jang) 田豫 (国让)
General of Wei under Cao Rui. Dispatched to Xiangyang to counter Wu’s invasion.

Notes: Also referred to erroneously as Tian Du.

T‘ien Chang 田章
Officer of Zhong Hui in Wei’s later days.
T‘ung Chih 僮芝
Local warlord, claimed area after Liu Yao’s death. Fell sick and Sun Fu seized his land.
T‘u An 土安
Defeats Shu army 15 times but it is all a ploy to make Nanman careless.



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