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Officers N–R: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
Nan Tou 南斗
God in Koei’s Three Kingdoms. Reference to Star God/Lunar House Nandou (in Sagittarius).
Nalou 那楼
A Wuhuan chieftain. Surrendered to Cao Cao after the Wuhuan’s defeat.
Nêngch‘ênti 能臣抵
Wuhuan chieftain. Surrendered to Cao Cao in 207, but rebelled with Pufulu later on.
Ning Sui 宁随
Officer in Shu’s later years. Offered Jiang Wei a plan that repelled Deng Ai.
Niu Tan 牛亶
Sent by the Han to replace Liu Zhang when Zhao Wei rebelled.
Niu Fu 牛辅
Fought against Lü Bu and Li Su, after Dong Zhuo’s death. Killed by Hu Che’er.

Notes: In Koei’s Dynasty Warriors 2-4 his name was presented as ‘Niou Fu’.

Niu Kai 牛盖
Also known as 朱蓋 Zhu Gai. Helped defeat Chen Lan in 209. Accompanied Xu Huang to Fan.
Niu Chin 牛金
Subordinate of Cao Ren. Attacked Zhou Yu’s camp at Nanjun, but was defeated and rescued by Cao Ren.
Nüwa (Nu Wa) 女娲
Chinese goddess. Created mankind from the yellow earth and repaired the Wall of Heaven.
P‘an Fêng 潘凤
Officer of Han Fu. Wielded a giant axe and fought with Hua Xiong, but was killed.
潘濬 (承明)
P‘an Chün (Ch‘êng-ming) 潘浚 (承明)
Began his career under Liu Biao then Liu Bei. After Guan Yu’s death, served in Wu.
P‘an Lin 潘临
Scourge of the area, kept evading capture until Lu Xun led an army against him.
P‘an Miao 番苗
Killed Dan Meng following his brother’s death.
P‘an Hsin 番歆
Snubbed Dan Meng’s father-in-law at a banquet and was put to death.
潘勗 (元茂)
P‘an Hsü (Yüan-mao) 潘勖 (元茂)
Wrote up the the proclamation that made Cao Cao Duke of Wei.
P‘an Yin 潘隐
Warned He Jin of Jian Shou’s plot and then of the Emperor’s death.
潘璋 (文珪)
P‘an Chang 潘璋 (文珪)
Served Wu. Led the forces which captured Guan Yu and his son, Guan Ping.
龐德 (令明)
P‘ang Tê (Ling-ming) 庞德 (令明)
Served Ma Chao, Zhang Lu, then Cao Cao. Fought against Guan Yu at Fancheng.
庞德公 (山民)
P‘ang Têkung (Shan-min) 庞德公 (山民)
A famed scholar. Uncle of Pang Tong.

Notes: Sima Hui called him Pang Gong as a nickname and therefore his name is sometimes mistranslated as such.

龐宏 (巨師)
P‘ang Hung (Chü-shih) 庞宏 (巨师)
Son of Pang Tong. Joined Wei with Huang Quan after the Shu army’s defeat by Wu.
龐渙 (世文)
P‘ang Huan (Shih-wên) 庞涣 (世文)
Son of Pang Degong.
P‘ang Hui 庞会
Pang De’s son. Had Guan Yu’s clan exterminated after Shu’s surrender.
P‘ang Chüan 庞涓
General of the state of Wei in the Warring States Period.
P‘ang Lin 庞林
Surrendered to Wei with Huang Quan, where Lin was reunited with his wife.
P‘ang Jou 庞柔
Cousin of Pang De, his service to Shu cast doubts on Pang De’s loyalty.
P‘ang Shu 庞舒
Sheltered Lü Bu and his family in Chang’an. Executed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
龐統 (士元)
P‘ang T‘ung (Shih-yüan) 庞统 (士元)
Friend of Sima Hui’s and Shu’s “Fledgling Phoenix.” Killed by an arrow at Luocheng.
P‘ang Hsi 庞羲
A friend of Liu Yan. Collected his grandchildren and brought them to Shu.
龐淯 (子異)
P‘ang Yü (Tzŭ-i) 庞淯 (子异)
Fillial man, helped avenge grandfather and tried to avenge master.
P‘ang Yüeh 庞乐
With Li Yi, turned against Zhao Wei and killed him.
P‘ei Hui (Wên-chi) 裴徽
Talented scholar and friends with many great men. Settled rivalry between Xun Can and Fu Gu.
裴茂 (巨光)
P‘ei Mao (Chü-kuang) 裴茂 (巨光)
Sent by Xian to give Cao Cao the Golden Seal. Took part in Li Jue’s death.
裴潛 (文行)
P‘ei Ch‘ien (Wên-hsing) 裴潜 (文行)
Refused service with Liu Biao, he dealt with the Shanyu without an army.
裴松之 (世期)
P‘ei Sungchih (Shih-ch‘i) 裴松之 (世期)
Annotated Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi with numerous and extensive footnotes.
裴秀 (季彥)
P‘ei Hsiu (Chi-yen) 裴秀 (季彦)
Expert cartographer, close adviser to Sima Zhao and Sima Yan.
裴玄 (彥黃)
P‘ei Hsüan (Yen-huang) 裴玄 (彦黄)
Evaluated by Bu Zhi. A leader scholar, he worked on texts along with Yang Jun.
P‘ei Yüanshao 裴元绍
Former Yellow Scarve killed by Zhao Yun during an attempt to steal his horse.
P‘êng Hu 彭虎
Raised ten thousand men under his control, fled on sight of Wu forces.
P‘êng T‘o 彭脱
Defeated by Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun.
彭羕 (永年)
P‘êng Yang (Yung-nien) 彭羕 (永年)
Friend of Meng Da, plotted revolt against Liu Bei. Repented but still executed.
P‘ufulu 普富卢
Wuhuan Chieftain in Dai. Surrendered to Cao Cao, rebelled, and was pacified by Cao Zhang.
P‘uching 普净
Monk. Warned Guan Yu of Bian Xi’s plot. Later helped Guan Yu’s spirit to find peace.

Notes: Pujing 普淨, a religious name, translates to Universal Purity. In the Brewitt-Taylor translation Pujing appears as Pu Jing and his name is translated as Transverse Peace. Other translations are possible.

濮陽興 (子元)
P‘uyang Hsing (Tzŭ-yüan) 濮阳兴 (子元)
Supported Sun Hao after Sun Xiu died, helping to elevate him to Emperor.
Ch‘i Chou 齐周
A clerical officer, joined in the revolt against Gongsun Zan under Liu He.
Ch‘ien Po 钱博
Local chieftain who surrendered to Lü Dai.
Ch‘ien Hung 牵弘
Served Wei. District Governor of Jincheng before helping Deng Ai’s invasion of Shu.
Ch‘ien T‘ung 钱铜
Led forces against Sun Ce but was defeated.
牽招 (子經)
Ch‘ien Chao (Tzŭ-ching) 牵招 (子经)
Persuaded the Wuhuan to side with Cao Cao over the Yuan’s. Mourned Yuan Shang.
Ch’iang-tuan 强端
A member of the Di at Yinping who executed Wu Lan and sent his head to Wei.
喬瑁 (元偉)
Ch‘iao Mao (Yüan-wei) 乔瑁 (元伟)
Forged decree against Dong Zhuo. Was killed by his enemy Liu Dai.
Ch‘iao Jui 桥蕤
Officer of Yuan Shu. Fought with Cao Cao’s forces, but was killed by Xiahou Dun.
橋玄 (公祖)
Ch‘iao Hsüan (Kung-tsu) 桥玄 (公祖)
Recognised Cao Cao’s talent and predicted Han would collapse. Noble offical.

Notes: ‘State Patriarch Qiao’ in the Brewitt-Taylor translation. ‘State Elder Qiao’ in the Moss Roberts translation.

譙周 (允南)
Ch‘iao Chou (Yün-nan) 谯周 (允南)
Historian and teacher, advised Liu Shan to surrender. Opposed Jiang Wei and Huang Hao.
Ch‘imu K‘ai 綦母闓
Scholar in Liu Biao’s court. Produced the “Later Edition” with Song Zhong.

Notes: ‘Lord Qimu’ is referenced in SGZ: Wei 8 with a similar background to Qimu Kai. It is likely that ‘Lord Qimu’ and Qimu Kai are the same person.

Ch‘in Lang 秦狼
Raised men in revolt but was defeated and captured by Jiang Qin.
秦朗 (元明)
Ch‘in Lang (Yüan-ming) 秦朗 (元明)
Adopted son of Cao Cao. Led troops to pacify the Xianbei in 233. Close to Cao Rui.
秦宓 (子質)
Ch‘in Mi (Tzŭ-ch‘ih) 秦宓 (子质)
Rebuked Jian Yong for his arrogance, thrown in jail for opposing the invasion of Wu.
Ch‘in Ch‘i 秦祺
Served Wei under Xiahou Dun. In novel, killed by Guan Yu leaving Cao Cao.
Ch‘in Ch‘ingt‘ung 秦庆童
Servant of Dong Cheng. Punished for talking with Yun Ying. Betrayed him to Cao Cao.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Quin Quington’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor edition. Another calls him ‘Qui Lici’.

秦召 (伯南)
Ch‘in Shao (Po-nan) 秦召 (伯南)
Saved Cao Cao’s life at the cost of his own, his son was adopted by Cao Cao.
秦松 (文表)
Ch‘in Sung (Wên-piao) 秦松 (文表)
Served Sun Ce as an advisor, but died young. Usually appeared around Zhang Zhao.
秦頡 (初起)
Ch‘in Hsieh (Ch‘u-ch‘i) 秦颉 (初起)
Killed Zhang Mancheng and Han Zhong before being killed in a mutiny.

Notes: Also known as Qin Jie.

Ch‘in I 秦谊
Swordsman, helped kill Dong Zhuo, dressing up as a guard to do so.
Ch‘in Ilu 秦宜禄
Sent to ask for reinforcements, his wife was taken by Cao Cao. Killed by Zhang Fei.
Ch‘iu Pên 丘本
Advisor to Deng Ai, calms him down and advises to try and surprise Zhuge Zhan.
Ch‘iu Chien 丘建
Commander of Zhong Hui, helped warn Wei forces of Zhong Hui’s revolt.
Ch‘iulichü 丘力居
Raided the Han. Defeated by Gongsun Zan but counter attack wiped out 60% of Zan’s army.
Ch‘ü Kung 瞿恭
Bandit who was defeated and killed by Li Tong.
Ch‘ü Mu 渠穆
Killed He Jin and cut off his head.
Ch‘ü Yen 麹演
Part of leading clan of Xiping, he helped kill Han Sui. Refused to accept Zou Qi.
Ch‘ü I 麴义
Defeated Han Fu, Yufuluo and destroyed Gongsun Zan. Became arrogant and was executed.
全琮 (子璜)
Ch‘üan Ts‘ung (Tzŭ-huang) 全琮 (子璜)
Son of Quan Rou and son-in-law of Sun Quan. Served Wu as general and advisor.

Notes: His name is frequently written ‘Quan Zong’, but this is incorrect.

Ch‘üan Tuan 全端
Defended Shouchun during Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but surrendered to Wei.
Ch‘üan Chi 全纪
Brother-in-law of Sun Liang. Ordered to kill Sun Chen by Sun Liang, but was executed.
Ch‘üan Ching 全静
Son of Quan Cong who defected to Wei.
Ch‘üan Jou 全柔
Man of local family. Managed to bring in grain during famine.
Ch‘üan Shang 全尚
Father of Quan Ji. Was killed after his wife revealed his son’s plot against Sun Chen.
Ch‘üan I 全懌
Quan Cong’s son. Sent to aid Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but surrendered to Wei.
Ch‘üan I 全祎
Conspired with Geng Ji and Wei Huang to abduct the Han Emperor.
Ch‘üan I 全懌
Quan Xu’s (perhaps Quan Duan’s) son. Quan Zong’s grandson. Quan Yi’s nephew.
Ch‘üeh Chien 却俭
Liu Yan’s predecessor, his attempt to raise levies caused revolts. Favorite of Emperor Ling.
Ch‘üeh Hsüan 阙宣
With Tao Qian’s support, declared himself Son of Heaven but was later killed by Qian.
Ch‘üehchi 阙机
Xianbei leader. Persuaded by Yan Rou to set up trade relations with Cao Cao.
Jao Chu 饶助
Hired to help bring the people of Lujiang over to Wu.
Jaolung Tsung 扰龙宗
Delivering a report, he forgot to take off his sword and was killed by Dong Zhuo.
Red Hare [Ch‘iht‘uma] 赤兔[赤兔马]
Lü Bu’s famed horse. “Among men, Lü Bu; among horses, Red Hare.” Novel: Later given to Guan Yu by Cao Cao.
Jen Fu 任福
Wei general who defeated the rebel Cai Fang.
Jên Fan 任籓
Was involved in petitioning for Cao Cao to be made Duke.
任恺 (元褒)
Jên K‘ai (Yüan-pao) 任恺 (元褒)
Minister of both Wei and Jin. He was said to be careful and hardworking with official business, and was widely praised. However his career was hindered by conflict with Jia Chong.
Jên K‘uei 任夔
Advised attacking Cao Hong early but the plan resulted in Kui’s death.
Jên Lan 任览
Friend of Wei Feng, forewarned by Zheng Mao of Wei Feng’s ambitions.
Jên Ch‘i 任岐
Raised troops against Liu Yan but was defeated and killed.
任峻 (伯達)
Jên Chün (Po-ta) 任峻 (伯达)
Looked after military stores with Mao Jie.
Jung Ko 荣邰
Held hostage by Guo Si.
Juan Chi 阮籍
One of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove. He was also one of the compilers of the Wei shu.
Juan Hsien 阮咸
One of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, criticized for chasing after his slave lover.
阮咸 (仲容)
Juan Hsien (Chung-jung) 阮咸 (仲容)
One of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove and nephew of Ruan Ji.
阮瑀 (元瑜)
Juan Yü (Yüan-yü) 阮瑀 (元瑜)
One of the Seven Jian’an Masters, studied under Cai Yong.
芮良 (文鸾)
Jui Liang (Wên-luan) 芮良 (文鸾)
Officer under Sun Ce who participated in the Jiangdong campaigns. Died in the late 190’s.
芮玄 (文表)
Jui Hsüan (Wên-piao) 芮玄 (文表)
Succeeded his brother’s position and was made Marquis of Liyang.
芮祉 (宣嗣)
Jui Chih (Hsüan-ssŭ) 芮祉 (宣嗣)
An officer of Sun Jian and Sun Ce. A man from Danyang.



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