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Miscellaneous Faction: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Name (family, given), style, Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
鮑出 (文才)
Pao Ch‘u (Wên-ts‘ai) 鲍出 (文才)
Saved his mother and sister-in-law from bandits. Invited to office for his actions, but he refused.
Pei Yü 贝羽
A county magistrate in Nan. Independent in AD 190, later submitted to Liu Biao.
Pien Yüan 卞远
Father of Empress Bian. Posthumously enfeoffed as marquis.
Poku 伯固
King of a tribe as a minor in 130, he survived to give tribute to Gongsun Du in 190.

Notes: Known to Korean history as Paekko.

Ts’ai Fang 蔡方
Rebel who killed Licheng county’s governor Xu Zhi.
Ch‘ang Chi 常纪
Lost husband in 192, father killed in 195. Admired for her fine bearing in such times.
Ch‘ên Ts‘ê 陈策
Bandit defeated in 200 by Cao Cao, thanks to Liu Ye’s advice.
Ch‘ên Ch‘ao 陈超
Rose in revolt against Liu Yan with Ren Qi.
Ch‘ên Kung 陈恭
Friend of Li Tong, helped him kill Zhou Zhi. Killed by his in-law Chen He.
Ch‘ên Ho 陈郃
Killed Chen Gong, the husband of his sister but was defeated by Li Tong.
Ch‘ên Lan 陈兰
Serves Yuan Shu, then later joined the Songshan Bandits with Lei Bo.

Notes: Chen Jian in To Esablish Peace

Ch‘ên Mao 陈茂
Member of a powerful local family, slandered the family of Han Ji. Assassinated by Han Ji.
Ch‘ên P‘u 陈仆
Leader of barbarians in the south, conquered by He Qi in 208.
Ch‘ên Shêng 陈生
Rode out aid the exhausted Zhang Hu but was shot in the face by Sun Jian.

Notes: Also known as Chen Zuo.

Ch‘ên Sun 陈孙
Began pillaging the people of Jiangxia. Zhang Fei killed him in one blow.
崔鈞 (州平)
Ts‘ui Chün (Choup‘ing) 崔钧 (州平)
One of Zhuge Liang’s close childhood friends. Friend of Xu Shu as well. From Boling.
Tai Yüan 戴员
Killed Sun Yi, Bian Hong and Sun He before he was assassinated.
Têng K‘ai 邓凯
Raised non-Chinese people to resist Sun Quan. Lost to Xie Jing and fled to Shu.
Têng Tzŭhsiao 邓子孝
In 196, fled with Xu Jing to Jiao. In 208, met Wang Lang in Jing and gave him news.
Tilu Horse [Hex Mark] 的卢马
Liu Bei’s horse. Saved Liu Bei at the river Tan. Killed at Fallen Phoenix Slope, along with Pang Tong.

Notes: Called ‘Hex Mark’ in Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Tung T‘ai 董台
A local gentleman, unsuccessfully sought the hand of the widow Han Jiang. His clients had her kidnapped.
Tuhu 杜濩
Tribe leader, took in Zhang Lu and later surrendered to Cao Cao.
Fan A 樊阿
Expert at Acupuncture, studied under Hua Tuo around AD 200.
范康 (仲真)
Fan K‘ang (Chung-chên) 范康 (仲真)
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Bohai.
范滂 (孟博)
Fan P‘ang (Mêng-po) 范滂 (孟博)
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Runan.
Fei Ch‘angfang 费长房
A local guard who met an exiled immortal. Had a dragon staff and did many feats of magic.
封衡 (君達)
Fêng Hêng (Chün-ta) 封衡 (君达)
Taoist Sage. Teacher of Zuo Ci. Taught him magics and path to longevity.
Kan Chi 干吉
A Taoist priest. In the novel, sent to execution by Sun Ce and said to have cursed him to death.

Notes: Gan Ji frequently referenced as ‘Yu Ji’, especially in games. Historically, ‘Gan Ji’ (干吉) is correct, and it is thought Luo Guanzhong may have confused the character for his family name and thus entered him as ‘Yu Ji’ (于吉). Notice the similarity between Gan ‘干’ and Yu ‘于’. Our recording features both “Gan4 Ji2” and “Yu2 Ji2.”

Kao Shêng 高胜
Raised up large bandit force but, despite advantage of numbers, lost to Li Yan.
Kuan Ch‘êng 管承
Pirate, he was defeated by combined attacks from Li Dian, Yue Jin and Zhang He.
Kuan Ting 关定
Father of Guan Ping, housed Guan Yu while Sun Qian went to Yuan Shao.
Kuan Ku 观鹄
Commanded the religious bandit group which, after he died, passed to Guo Shi and Zhou Chao.
管輅 (公明)
Kuan Lu (Kung-ming) 管辂 (公明)
A soothsayer able to foresee the coming deaths of others.
管寧 (幼安)
Kuan Ning (Yu-an) 管宁 (幼安)
Former friend of Hua Xin. Tail of “The Dragon”, a group of scholars. Became a hermit.
Kuan Ning 关宁
Brother of Guan Ping. Was a student when Guan Yu came to the farm.

Notes: ‘Guan Neng’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

Kuo Ma 郭马
Originally an officer of Wu, Guo Ma revolted in Nanhai. Eventually defeated by Tao Huang.
Kuo Shih 郭石
With Zhou Chao, Ravaged Lingling, Guiyang, and Changsha until destroyed by Sun Jian.
Hou Yin 侯音
Led a revolt in Wan, capturing Dongli Gun but was defeated by Cao Ren.
Hu Hua 胡华
Father of Hu Ban. Retired officer of the court under Emperor Huan. Met Guan Yu.
Hu Shou 壶寿
Governor of Jizhou. Formed an alliance with Poison Yu. Defeated and executed by Yuan Shao.
華佗 (元化)
Hua T‘o (Yüan-hua) 华佗 (元化)
A famous doctor from the Three Kingdoms period. Killed trying to avoid treating Cao Cao.
Huan Shao 桓邵
Belittled Cao Cao, fled south when Cao Cao became powerful. Shi Xie sent him back and Cao Cao executed Shao.
Huang Hua 黄华
Warlord of Jiuquan, due to the death of another warlord, he surrendered to Wei.
Huang Yüan 黄元
When Liu Bei became ill after Yiling, he rebelled. Defeated by Chen Hu.
Huo Nu 霍奴
Killed the Inspector of Youzhou and Governor of Zhuojun. Defeated and executed by Cao Cao.
Chiang Kung 江宫
Bandit who was defeated and killed by Li Tong.
Chiang Shih 蒋石
Local leader, sent Han Sui’s head to Cao Cao. May have killed Han Sui.
Chiao Chiao (Chiao Chêngch‘iang) 焦矫(焦征羌)
Head of a powerful family in Runan. Treated Bu Zhi poorly when he came for aid.

Notes: Jiao Jiao, as Magistrate of Zhengqiang, also became known as Jiao Zhengqiang (as such you may see him referenced by this name). The name Qiao has also been associated with him and we are attempting to source it.

Chü Kuang 鞠光
Rebelled against Wei in Xiping, but was killed by his own followers.
Lady Pao 鲍夫人
Mother of Bao Chu. She lived more than 100 years.
Lang Chih 郎稚
Rose up in revolt in 211 but was defeated by He Qi.
Lei Po 雷薄
Serves Yuan Shu, then later leaves to join the Mt. Songshan Bandits with Chen Lan.

Notes: Also known as Lei Pu and possibly the same as Lei Xu.

Lei Hsü 雷绪
Leader of dissidents, driven away by Xiahou Yuan with his many followers.

Notes: May be Lei Bo.

Li Hu 李虎
Zong chieftain who submitted to Cao Cao. Moved North when Liu Bei took Hanzhong.
Li Lê 李乐
Bandit who helped Xian escape Li Jue’s grasp, found the boat used to cross the river.
李仁 (德賢)
Li Jên (Têhsien) 李仁 (德贤)
Studied in Nanyang, was widely read and an expert in many fields.
Li Shu 李术
Killed Wei’s Yan Xiang but then rebelled again against Quan and was executed.
Li I 李意
Immortal who warned Liu Bei what would happen should he attack Wu.

Notes: Known as Li Yi in the novel.

Liang Lung 粱龙
Led a rebellion in Jiaozhi. Was defeated and killed by Zhu Jun.

Notes: Long may not have been his given name. It might have been his nickname: “Dragon Liang”

Liang Shuang 梁双
In 210, as a local rebel he stormed Xi city but later made peace with the authorities.
Liu Têjan 刘德然
A student of Lu Zhi’s, related to Liu Bei whose own studies were paid for by Deran’s father.
Liu Liang 刘良
Predicted Lady Zhen would have a great future.
Liu Hsün 刘循
Raised a force against Yuan Tan at Tayin.
劉淵 (元海)
Liu Yüan (Yüan-hai) 刘渊 (元海)
Grandson of the Xiongnu chief Yufuluo. Founded the Han-Zhao dynasty.
Liu Yüanch‘i 刘元起
Liu Bei’s uncle. Recognized Liu Bei’s ambition, and worked to maintain the family.
Liu Chêng 刘正
Left Beihai for Liaodong, gathering followers. Later returned to Beihai with Taishi Ci.
Liu Tzŭching 刘子敬
Liu Yuanqi’s brother
K‘ou 侯寇
Father of Liu Feng, who Liu Bei adopted as his heir. His family held a county fief in Changsha.
Lü Poshê 吕伯奢
Friend of Cao Song. Killed by the fleeing Cao Cao.
Ma P‘u 马普
A scholar of history, he fled south during the civil war. Sun Yu lavished him with gifts.
Ma Ch‘in 马秦
Bandit leader with Gao Sheng, killed by Li Yan.
Mao Kan 毛甘
Leader of a group of Chinese renegades, conquered by He Qi in 208.
Mei Ch‘êng 梅成
Bandit lord with Chen Lan, he feigned surrender to Yu Jin and revolted again.
Mei P‘ing 梅平
Forced to return home due to illness, Hua Tuo warned him he had only five days to live.
孟建 (公威)
Mêng Chien (Kungwei) 孟建 (公威)
Friend of Xu Shu and Zhuge Liang. Joined Wei. Became Inspector of Liang Province.

Notes: ‘Meng Gongwei’ in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (his style name is used).

彌衡 (正平)
Mi Hêng (Chêng-p‘ing) 弥衡 (正平)
Reputable scholar. Infuriated Cao Cao’s officers with his audacious ways.

Notes: Called Ni Heng in the ZZTJ.

繆裴 (文雅)
Miao P‘ei (Wên-ya) 缪裴 (文雅)
Widely read in the classics, refused all offers of employment.
P‘an Lin 潘临
Scourge of the area, kept evading capture until Lu Xun led an army against him.
P‘an Miao 番苗
Killed Dan Meng following his brother’s death.
庞德公 (山民)
P‘ang Têkung (Shan-min) 庞德公 (山民)
A famed scholar. Uncle of Pang Tong.

Notes: Sima Hui called him Pang Gong as a nickname and therefore his name is sometimes mistranslated as such.

P‘ang Shu 庞舒
Sheltered Lü Bu and his family in Chang’an. Executed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
P‘êng Hu 彭虎
Raised ten thousand men under his control, fled on sight of Wu forces.
P‘uching 普净
Monk. Warned Guan Yu of Bian Xi’s plot. Later helped Guan Yu’s spirit to find peace.

Notes: Pujing 普淨, a religious name, translates to Universal Purity. In the Brewitt-Taylor translation Pujing appears as Pu Jing and his name is translated as Transverse Peace. Other translations are possible.

Ch‘ien Po 钱博
Local chieftain who surrendered to Lü Dai.
Ch‘ien T‘ung 钱铜
Led forces against Sun Ce but was defeated.
Ch‘in Lang 秦狼
Raised men in revolt but was defeated and captured by Jiang Qin.
Ch‘in Ch‘ingt‘ung 秦庆童
Servant of Dong Cheng. Punished for talking with Yun Ying. Betrayed him to Cao Cao.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Quin Quington’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor edition. Another calls him ‘Qui Lici’.

Ch‘ü Kung 瞿恭
Bandit who was defeated and killed by Li Tong.
Ch‘üeh Hsüan 阙宣
With Tao Qian’s support, declared himself Son of Heaven but was later killed by Qian.
Jên Ch‘i 任岐
Raised troops against Liu Yan but was defeated and killed.
Shang Yao 商曜
Rebelled and took Daling but was killed by the forces of Xu Huang and Xiahou Yuan.
Shên Ch‘êng 沈成
Bandit who was defeated and killed by Li Tong.

Notes: Shen 沈 can also be translated as Chen, but this translation is not used in surnames. That said, you will still find him under the name Chen Cheng.

Shên Mi 沈弥
Took part in revolt against Liu Zhang but was defeated and fled to Jing.
Shêng Tao 盛道
Joined a failed revolt vs. Liu Zhang. His wife sacrificed herself to save him from execution
盛憲 (孝章)
Shêng Hsien (Hsiao-chang) 盛宪 (孝章)
Helped in resistance to Sun Ce, had quite a reputation. Killed by Sun Quan.
石韜 (廣元)
Shih T‘ao (Kuang-yüan) 石韬 (广元)
Old friend of Zhuge Liang. Joined Cao Cao with Xu Shu and worked on agriculture.

Notes: ‘Shi Guangyuan’ in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (his style name is used).

司馬徽 (德操)
Ssŭma Hui (Tê-ts‘ao) 司马徽 (德操)
Named ‘Water Mirror’ by Pang Degong. Former teacher of Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong.
Su Shuang 苏双
Horse trader from Zhongshan with Zhang Shiping. Supplied Liu Bei’s first armed force.
檀敷 (文友)
T‘an Fu (Wên-yu) 檀敷 (文友)
One of the Eight Paragons of Jiangxia. From Shanyang.
T‘ien Shao 田韶
Viewed Gongsun Du contemptuously. Killed by Du along with some other local gentry.
T‘ien Yin 田银
Rose in revolt with Su Bao but was defeated by Jia Xin.
Wang Pi 王祕
Local warlord who defeated He Luan of Zhangye.
王烈 (彥方)
Wang Lieh (Yen-fang) 王烈 (彦方)
A famed man from Taiyuan who refused service and reformed others.
Wei K‘ai 卫凯
Rebelled with Hou Yin but Cao Ren defeated and executed them.
Wu Wu 吴五
Local leader on the upper Min River, destroyed by He Qi.
Hsi Chien 郤俭
A famed doctor from Yangcheng.
Hsü Ch‘ang 许昌
Raised revolt against the Han but was put down by Zang Min and Sun Jian.
Hsü Chao [Shao] 许昭[韶]
Son of Xu Chang. Killed by Sun Jian along with his father.

Notes: Xu Hao in the online novel version. Xu Zhao’s name is a bit of a mystery. Xu Chang (probably Xu Zhao’s) staged a rebellion in Kuaiji (or Xu Zhao did) and Xu Zhao was either leader (HHS 102), sole son by the name of Xu Shao, associated leader by the name of Xu Shao (SGZ Wu 1), or two sons named Zhao and Shao. In any case, Xu Zhao 昭 seems most likely as Shao 韶 may have been used in Sanguozhi to avoid a taboo on Sima Zhao’s name.

Hsüeh Lan 薛兰
Defeated and killed Li Qian but was defeated and executed himself by Cao Cao a year later.
Yin Li [Lu’êrh] 尹礼[卢儿]
A bandit leader, he later helped Zang Ba against the Yuan’s. Called Black Boy.

Notes: Lu’er, which translates to ‘Black Boy’, was his nickname.

袁閎 (夏輔)
Yüan Hung (Hsia-fu) 袁闳 (夏辅)
Rebuked his relatives for prospering when the Han was in disorder, the Turbans respected him.
Yüan Hui 袁徽
Refused appointment from Cao Cao but praised Shi Xie and Xu Jing.
Yüan P‘ang 袁滂
Father of Yuan Huan, who served Wei.
Yün Ying 云英
Concubine of Dong Cheng. Her interactions with Qin Qingtong got Cheng killed.
臧霸 (宣高)
Tsang Pa (Hsüan-kao) 臧霸 (宣高)
Originally served Tao Qian, then Lü Bu. Later joined Cao Cao.
Chang Ch‘êng 张晟[白骑]
Bandit leader, famed for his white horse. He was driven out by Du Ji and killed by Ma Teng.

Notes: Zhang Cheng’s nickname, Baiqi, translates to White Rider.

Chang Ch‘ih 张赤
A bandit based in Taoshan, he was defeated by Li Tong.
Chang Ch‘un 张纯
Passed over for promotion, he led the Wuhuan in revolt. After initial success, Liu Yu turned up and Chun was betrayed.
Chang Hu [Tiger Chang] 张虎
Marched out with Huang Zu to oppose Sun Jian. Killed by Han Dang after 30 bouts.

Notes: ‘Zhang Hui’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

Chang Chin 张进
Led a failed rebellion against Wei in AD 220.
Chang Chü 张举
Led revolt against the Han, he ravaged the northeast and declared himself ruler.
Chang Shihp‘ing 张世平
Horse trader from Zhongshan with Su Shuang. Supplied Liu Bei’s first armed force.
Chang Wu 张武
Began pillaging the people of Jiangxia. Zhao Yun killed him with a spear thrust.
Chang Hsüan 张宣
Local leader, killed the defeated Han Xian as Xian fled to Bing.
張玄 (處虛)
Chang Hsüan (Ch‘u-hsü) 张玄 (处虚)
Advised Zhang Wen to use his command of the army to reform the Han government.
Chang Chungching 张仲景
Also known as Zhang Ji. Famous physician from the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Notes: Also commonly known as Zhang Ji (張機).

Chao Tu 赵犊
Killed the Inspector of Youzhou and Governor of Zhuojun. Defeated and executed by Cao Cao.
Chao O (Chao Och‘in) 赵娥(亲)
Pang Yu’s mother. Killed Li Shou to avenge her father, Zhao Jun’an, then turned herself in.

Notes: Zhao E 趙娥 usually appears by the name Zhao Eqin 趙娥親. Appears as Pang Eqin 龐娥(親) in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI.

Chao Kuota 赵国达
Trieu Au’s older brother.

Notes: Known to the Vietnamese as Trieu Quoc Dat (Triệu Quốc Đạt).

Chao Yü 赵妪
Trieu Au, female warrior of the Nanyue tribe. Rebelled against Wu. Defeated by Lu Yin.

Notes: Known to the Vietnamese as Trieu Thi Trinh (Triệu Thị Trinh) or Trieu Au (Triệu Ẩu; Lady Trieu). I have pronounced the Chinese Zhao Yu, but dont know how to pronounce the Viet.

鄭玄 (康成)
Chêng Hsüan (K‘-ang-ch‘êng) 郑玄 (康成)
Loved wine, a leading scholar of his day but hated court life. Had many students.
Chou Ch‘ao 周朝
With Guo Shi, ravaged Lingling, Guiyang, and Changsha until destroyed by Sun Jian.
Chou Chih 周直
Killed by Li Tong at a meeting whilst drunk. His followers were added to Li Tong’s troops.
Chuang Tzŭ [Nan Hua] 莊子[南华]
Old Taoist Sage from Mt. Hua that gave Zhang Jue the Way of Peace (太平要術).

Notes: Though frequently presented under the proper name, Zhuang Zi (莊子), the literal text presents his name as “The Nanhua Immortal” (南華真人). This is sometimes simplified to ‘Nanhua’ or ‘Nan Hua’ (南華), which is not correct. Zhuang Zi is none other than the famous Taoist sage from the Warring States period, and with this in mind, you may also see him listed, of course, as Chang Tzu (Wade-Giles), Zhuang Zhou (莊周) (his given name), Meng Official (蒙吏), Meng Zhuang (蒙莊), and Meng Elder (蒙叟). He also appears in some Koei games as ‘Nan Hua’.

Tsou T‘a 邹他
Local leader, refused to accept Sun Ce but was defeated and killed.



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