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Officers M: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
Ma Ai 马艾
Held office as Administrator of Dunhuang.
Ma Ping 马秉
Son of Ma Liang.
馬超 (孟起)
Ma Ch‘ao (Mêng-ch‘i) 马超 (孟起)
Served Shu after fleeing from the north. Third of the Five Tiger Generals.
Ma Ch‘êng 马承
Son of Ma Chao, inherited his father’s titles.
Ma Tai 马岱
Ma Chao’s cousin. He surrendered to Liu Bei with Ma Chao.
馬鈞 (德衡)
Ma Chün (Tê-hêng) 马钧 (德衡)
Master of Works for Cao Rui. Advised the Emperor to drink Celestial Elixir.
馬良 (季常)
Ma Liang (Chi-ch‘ang) 马良 (季常)
Administered Jing after Liu Bei took Shu. Nicknamed ‘White Eyebrows’.
馬隆 (孝興)
Ma Lung (Hsiao-hsing) 马隆 (孝兴)
Fought the Xianbei and defeated the rebel Tufa Shujineng.
Ma Miao 马邈
Surrendered Jiangyou castle prompting his wife to commit suicide.
馬日磾 (翁叔)
Ma Miti (Wêng-shu) 马日磾 (翁叔)
Sent as envoy to stop the war between Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan.
Ma P‘u 马普
A scholar of history, he fled south during the civil war. Sun Yu lavished him with gifts.
馬齊 (承伯)
Ma Ch‘i (Ch‘êng-po) 马齐 (承伯)
Became a Minister of Writing, known for his ability.
Ma Ch‘in 马秦
Bandit leader with Gao Sheng, killed by Li Yan.
Ma Ch‘iu 马秋
Son of Ma Chao, handed over to Zhang Lu by Cao Cao and was killed.
馬謖 (幼常)
Ma Su (Yu-ch‘ang) 马谡 (幼常)
Ma Liang’s younger brother. Executed by Zhuge Liang after his failure at Jie Ting.
馬騰 (壽成)
Ma T‘êng (Shou-ch‘êng) 马腾 (寿成)
Governed Xiliang. Descendant of the famous warrior Ma Yuan. Ma Chao’s father.
Ma T‘ieh 马铁
Killed in a volley of arrows as Cao Cao attacks the Ma’s outside Xuchang.
Ma Wan 马玩
Served under Han Sui. Tried to protect Han Sui from Ma Chao, but failed.
Ma Hsiu 马休
Second son of Ma Teng. Executed by Cao Cao on his way to Xuchang.
Ma Hsiu 马脩
Son of Ma Zhong (Dexin). His family continued service in Jin after Shu’s surrender.
馬勳 (盛衡)
Ma Hsün (Ch‘êng-hêng) 马勋 (盛衡)
Served in varying positions under Liu Bei, showed ability and was trusted.
Ma Yen 马延
Served Yuan Shang, and later Cao Cao. Killed by Gan Ning.
Ma Yü 马宇
Han Privy Counsellor. Helped Ma Teng and Han Sui. Killed by Li Jue and Guo Si.
Ma Yü 马玉
Shu officer. Died in the year following Kongming’s occupation of Hanzhong.
馬援 (文淵)
Ma Yüan (Wên-yüan) 马援 (文渊)
General of the Han who campaigned against the Vietnamese. Ma Teng was descended from him.
Ma Yüani 马元义
Follower of Zhang Jue and the Yellow Scarves. Torn asunder by chariots for treason.
Ma Yünlu 马云騄
Fictional character from Fan Sanguo Yanyi. Ma Teng’s daughter. Married to Zhao Yun.

Notes: Sometimes appears incorrectly as Ma Yunli.

Ma Chung 马忠
Captured Guan Yu and Guan Ping. Executed to satiate Liu Bei in the novel.
馬忠 (德信)
Ma Chung (Tê-hsin) 马忠 (德信)
Served Shu notably during the northern and southern campaigns.

Notes: Also known as Hu Du (狐篤). Mistranslated as Ma Zheng in the Brewitt-Taylor edition of the novel.

Ma Tsun 马遵
Was defeated by Shu and fled to Hu, drives Jiang Wei into Shu by his paranoia.
滿寵 (伯寧)
Man Ch‘ung (Po-ning) 满宠 (伯宁)
Served Cao Cao as Military Aide. Helped to repel Shu’s fifth northern campaign.
Mangyach‘ang 忙牙长
Second in command to the Nanman’s armies. Killed by Ma Dai.
Mao Kan 毛甘
Leader of a group of Chinese renegades, conquered by He Qi in 208.
Mao Chia 毛嘉
A joke among the court, Cao Rui held drinking parties at his house.
毛玠 (孝先)
Mao Chieh (Hsiao-hsien) 毛玠 (孝先)
Served as Military Aide to Cao Cao. Later Staff Supervisor, then Naval Commander.
Mao Chiung 毛炅
Made General, plotted to raid Tao Huang but was discovered and executed.
毛綸 (聲山)
Mao Lun (Shêng-shan) 毛纶 (声山)
Father of Mao Zonggang. One of two authors behind the Mao edition of Sanguo yanyi.
毛宗崗 (序始)
Mao Tsungkang (Hsü-shih) 毛宗岗 (序始)
Son of Mao Lun. One of two authors behind the Mao edition of Sanguo yanyi.
Mei Ch‘êng 梅成
Bandit lord with Chen Lan, he feigned surrender to Yu Jin and revolted again.
Mei Fu 梅敷
His defection left a hole in the local area that turned into no man’s land.
Mei P‘ing 梅平
Forced to return home due to illness, Hua Tuo warned him he had only five days to live.
[Mêng K‘o] 孟子[孟轲]
Chinese philosopher. Often considered to the most famous Confucian outside Confucius himself.

Notes: Rarely referenced as Meng Ke (sometimes Meng Ko), his actual name. Best known as ‘Mencius’, a variation of the name Mengzi (孟子). Posthumously named Master Meng the Second Sage (亞聖孟子; Yàshèng Mèngzǐ).

The Dugu clan of Tang trace their ancestry through this man.
孟達 (子敬)
Mêng Ta (Tzŭ-ching) 孟达 (子敬)
Refused aid to Guan Yu. Defeated by Sima Yi. In novel, kills Xu Huang.

Notes: Meng Da was originally styled Zijing (子敬), but later changed his style to Zidu (子度) because the uncle of his lord, Liu Bei, was named Liu Jing.

Mêng Tai 孟岱
Warned Yuan Shao that Shen Pei planned to rebel but Shen Pei was too loyal.
孟光 (孝裕)
Mêng Kuang (Hsiao-yü) 孟光 (孝裕)
Raised concerns over Liu Xuan’s education, an arrogant but bright scholar.
孟建 (公威)
Mêng Chien (Kungwei) 孟建 (公威)
Friend of Xu Shu and Zhuge Liang. Joined Wei. Became Inspector of Liang Province.

Notes: ‘Meng Gongwei’ in Romance of the Three Kingdoms (his style name is used).

Mêng Yao 孟曜
Helped Du Kui create music fit for the Imperial Court. Music which Du Kui’s moral objections meant it never got used.
Mêng I 孟溢
Sent to aid Gongsun Zan in the failed camapign against Zhang Ju and Zhang Chun.
Mêng Yu 孟优
Meng Huo’s brother. Captured by Zhuge Liang.
孟宗 (恭武)
Mêng Tsung (Kung-wu) 孟宗 (恭武)
One of the 24 paragons of filial piety, almost executed for leaving post to attend funeral.

Notes: Originally named Meng Ren (孟仁).

麋芳 (子方)
Mi Fang (Tzŭ-fang) 麋芳 (子方)
Mi Zhu’s brother. Served all three kingdoms. Surrendered to Wu after threat of punishment from Guan Yu.
彌衡 (正平)
Mi Hêng (Chêng-p‘ing) 弥衡 (正平)
Reputable scholar. Infuriated Cao Cao’s officers with his audacious ways.

Notes: Called Ni Heng in the ZZTJ.

麋竺 (子仲)
Mi Chu (Tzŭ-chung) 麋竺 (子仲)
Served Shu. Mi Fang’s brother. Died shortly after Mi Fang’s betrayal.
繆裴 (文雅)
Miao P‘ei (Wên-ya) 缪裴 (文雅)
Widely read in the classics, refused all offers of employment.
Miao Shang 缪尚
Was left behind by Zhang Yang’s killer to guard the area.
Miao Ssŭ 苗祀
In charge of the residence of Empress Fu. Killed during the fighting in Hongnong.
繆襲 (熙伯)
Miao Hsi (Hsi-po) 缪袭 (熙伯)
One of the historians that worked on the Wei shu.
Michia 弥加
Allied with Tanshihuai, Wei and Kebineng. Established trading links with Wei.
Michia 弥加
Xianbei chieftain who offered trade with Wei.
閔純 (伯典)
Min Ch‘un (Po-tien) 闵纯 (伯典)
Opposed surrendering to Yuan Shao and was executed.

Notes: Guan Chun (關純) in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. These characters are from the original text, so Guan Chun is the proper novel translation.

Min Kung 闵贡
Han commander in the Henan district. Killed eunuch Duan Gui. Helped Emperor Shao.
Mo Ssŭ 莫嗣
Disapproved of the outlandish fashions among men and women’s clothing
沐并 (德信)
Mu Ping (Tê-hsing) 沐并 (德信)
A poor orphan, became a man of strong principle, willing to face down powerful opposition.
Mu Shun 穆顺
General of Governor Zhang Yang. Killed by Lü Bu in a duel.
Mu Shun 穆顺
Plotted to save Emperor Xian with Empress Fu and Fu Wan. Executed by Cao Cao.



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