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Officers G: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
Kan Huai 甘瑰
Exiled from Wu some time after his father’s death for causing trouble.
Kan Chi 干吉
A Taoist priest. In the novel, sent to execution by Sun Ce and said to have cursed him to death.

Notes: Gan Ji frequently referenced as ‘Yu Ji’, especially in games. Historically, ‘Gan Ji’ (干吉) is correct, and it is thought Luo Guanzhong may have confused the character for his family name and thus entered him as ‘Yu Ji’ (于吉). Notice the similarity between Gan ‘干’ and Yu ‘于’. Our recording features both “Gan4 Ji2” and “Yu2 Ji2.”

甘寧 (興霸)
Kan Ning (Hsing-pa) 甘宁 (兴霸)
Known to be brave and strong. Served Huang Zu, then Wu. Died of illness.
Kan Shih 甘始
Claimed to Cao Zhi, that he had been alive during the reign of the First Emperor.
Kan Shu 甘述
Gained rank in the Secretariat despite his brother’s exile.
Kao Ch‘êng 高承
Local officer, sent by Sun Ce with tribute gifts to the Han court.
高岱 (孔文)
Kao Tai (K‘ung-wên) 高岱 (孔文)
Took his lord to Xu Zhao for protection. Later executed by Sun Ce for contempt.
Kao Ting (Yüan) 高定
Shu vassal that revolted in the southern Man region.
Kao Fan 高蕃
Sent by Yuan Shang to block the Yellow River but he was defeated by Li Dian.
高幹 (元才)
Kao Kan (Yüan-ts‘ai) 高干 (元才)
Nephew of Yuan Shao. Defeated Li Dian and Yue Jin at Huguan Pass.

Notes: Gan written as 干 in HHS.

Kao Lan 高览
Originally a talented officer of Yuan Shao. Defected with Zhang He to Wei.
Kao P‘ei 高沛
Officer of Liu Zhang. Executed after an attempt to assassinate Liu Bei.
高柔 (文惠)
Kao Jou (Wên-hui) 高柔 (文惠)
Minister of the Interior. Given provisional command of the army to seize Cao Shuang’s camp.
Kao Shêng 高升
Yellow Scarf officer. Fought with Liu Bei at Quyang, but was slain by Zhang Fei.
Kao Shêng 高胜
Raised up large bandit force but, despite advantage of numbers, lost to Li Yan.
Kao Shun 高顺
Defeated Xiahou Dun. Caught and executed by Cao Cao at Xiapi.
Kao Wang 高望
An officer of medicines, he was close to Prince Liu Bian. Killed in the massacre.
Kao Hsiang 高翔
Officer of Shu. Participated in many of Zhuge Liang’s northern campaigns.
Kao Ya 高雅
In 193, he was defeated by Yu Jin at Dongping.
Kao Yen 高焉
Gongsun Zan alleged that Yuan Shao executed Yan as Shao was greedy for Yan’s property.
Kao I (K‘uan-fang) 高颐
Served Liu Zhang in civil roles and died in office.
Kao Yu 高诱
Noted scholar and student of Lu Zhi, held a number of middle-range appointments under Cao Cao.
Kao (Yüan-lü) (元吕)
An expert physiognomist, about 217 he reassured Cao Pi about his prospects as a future ruler.
Kao Chên 高朕
Arranged the reconstruction of a ceremonial hall in honour of the sage Duke of Zhou.
Kao Tso 高祚
Sent with others to launch a sneak attack, they took Yang Ren’s head.
高棠隆 (升平)
Kaot‘ang Lung (Shên-p‘ing) 高棠隆 (升平)
A valued officer, created a calender for Wei, was Tutor to Cao Rui.
Ko Hsüan 葛玄
One of the founders of modern Daoism. Survived drowning apparently thanks to his advanced breathing methods.
Kêng Pao 耿苞
Suggested Yuan Shao take up the Imperial Title, called insane and was executed.
耿紀 (季行)
Kêng Chi (Chi-hsing) 耿纪 (季行)
Launched a coup against Cao Cao. Wounded Wang Bi. Executed after his failure.
Kêng Yen 耿眼
Historic reference from chapter 43 of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Kung Tu 龚都
Joined Liu Bei. Former Yellow Scarve. Killed by Xiahou Yuan at Ru Nan.
Kung Ching 龚景
Imperial Protector of Qingzhou. Attacked by the Yellow Scarves. Supported by Liu Bei.
Kung Chih 巩志
Advised Jin Xuan to surrender. When Jin Xuan returned defeated, Gong Zhi shot him.
公孫度 (升濟)
Kungsun Tu (Shêng-chi) 公孙度 (升济)
Established an independent government in Liaodong, expanding against several tribes.
Kungsun Fan 公孙范
Cousin of Gongsun Zan. Given the seal to the Prefecture of Bohai by Yuan Shao.
Kungsun Fang 公孙方
Studied under Zheng Xuan with his friend Cui Yan. He died young.
Kungsun Kung 公孙恭
Advised Kang to kill Yuan Xi and Shang. Impotent and weak, he was deposed by Gongsun Yuan.
Kungsun Huang 公孙晃
Sent as hostage to Wei, warned of the likelihood of war. Executed when war did happen.
Kungsun K‘ang 公孙康
Executed the Yuan sons, extended power in Korea and restored communication with Japan.
Kungsun Hsü 公孙续
Sent to get help from Zhang Yan and succeeded, later killed by the Xiongnu.
Kung-sun Yang 公孙阳
Wu general who was captured during Wei’s invasion via Ruxukou.

Notes: Called Gongsun Yan by Professor Rafe.

Kungsun Yüan 公孙渊
Originally subject to Wei. Declared himself King of Yan, but was executed by Sima Yi.
Kungsun Yüeh 公孙越
Assassinated by Yuan Shao after a diplomatic mission. Served as envoy to Yuan Shu.
公孫瓚 (伯珪)
Kungsun Tsan (Po-ku) 公孙瓒 (伯珪)
Magistrate of Beiping. Fought Yuan Shao. Committed suicide with his family.
Kou An 句安
Drunkard officer under Li Yan. Beaten for arriving late with supplies, and fled to Wei.
顧譚 (子默)
Ku T‘an (Tzŭ-mo) 顾谭 (子默)
Advised Sun Deng with Zhuge Ke, Zhang Xiu, and Chen Biao. Exiled as a supporter of Sun He.
顧雍 (元嘆)
Ku Yung (Yüan-t‘-an) 顾雍 (元叹)
Studied under Cai Yong. Convinced to join Wu by Zhang Hong. Became Prime Minister.
Kuan Ch‘êng 管承
Pirate, he was defeated by combined attacks from Li Dian, Yue Jin and Zhang He.
Kuan Ting 关定
Father of Guan Ping, housed Guan Yu while Sun Qian went to Yuan Shao.
Kuan Ku 观鹄
Commanded the religious bandit group which, after he died, passed to Guo Shi and Zhou Chao.
Kuan Hai 管亥
Former member of the Yellow Scarves. Besiged Beihai and was killed by Guan Yu.
關靖 (士起)
Kuan Ching (Shih-ch‘i) 关靖 (士起)
Adviser to Gongsun Zan. Died fighting Yuan Shao’s army at Beiping.
Kuan Chün 灌均
Criticized Cao Zhi for drunkenness and irreverence.
管輅 (公明)
Kuan Lu (Kung-ming) 管辂 (公明)
A soothsayer able to foresee the coming deaths of others.
管寧 (幼安)
Kuan Ning (Yu-an) 管宁 (幼安)
Former friend of Hua Xin. Tail of “The Dragon”, a group of scholars. Became a hermit.
Kuan Ning 关宁
Brother of Guan Ping. Was a student when Guan Yu came to the farm.

Notes: ‘Guan Neng’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

Kuan P‘ing 关平
Served Shu. Guan Yu’s son (adopted in novel). Executed with Guan Yu by Sun Quan.
Kuan So 关索
Fictional son of Guan Yu. Greatly involved in Shu’s Southern Campaigns in the novel.
Kuan T‘ung 关统
Son of Guan Xing. Succeeded his father’s position as Marquis of Hanshou.
Kuan T‘ung 管统
Asked by Yuan Tan to provide aid on advice of Wang Xiu. Pardoned by Cao Cao in AD 205.
關興 (安國)
Kuan Hsing (An-kuo) 关兴 (安国)
Son of Guan Yu. Served in Zhuge Liang’s northern campaigns.
Kuan I 关彝
Son of Guan Xing by concubine. Died fighting Wei troops during Zhong Hui’s rebellion.
Lady Kuan [Yinp‘ing] 関夫人[银屏]
Daughter of Guan Yu. Sun Quan wanted to arrange a marriage between her and Sun Deng.

Notes: Guan Yinping is a fictional name given to her by Koei.

關羽 (雲長)
Kuan Yü (Yün-ch‘ang) 关羽 (云长)
Sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. First of the Five Tiger Generals.

Notes: Originally styled Changsheng (長生). He is frequently referenced by the honorary title, Guan Gong (關公), or ‘Lord Guan’. Guan Yu appears as Guan Gong or Lord Guan in most novel translations, many historic texts, and modern conversation outside the Three Kingdoms community, and on most merchandise. In religion he is called Saintly Emperor Guan (關聖帝君) or in Buddhism, Sangharama Bodhisattva (伽藍菩薩) (more).

管夷吾 ()
Kuan Iwu (Chung) 管夷吾 ()
Famed prime minister of the state of Qi in the Spring and Autumn period.
毌丘甸 (子邦)
Kuanch‘iu Tien (Tzŭ-pang) 毌丘甸 (子邦)
Son of Guanqiu Jian, he advised his father to rebel.
毌丘儉 (仲恭)
Kuanch‘iu Chien (Chung-kung) 毌丘俭 (仲恭)
Officer of Wei. Revolted against Sima Shi when he deposed Cao Fang.

Notes: Sometimes mistranslated in Koei games as Wuqiu Jian.

Kuanch‘iu Hsing 毌丘兴
Warned by Cao Cao not to send anyone to the Qiang but ignored the advice.
Kuanch‘iu Hsiu 毌丘秀
Younger brother of Guanqiu Dian.
郭淮 (伯濟)
Kuo Huai (Po-chi) 郭淮 (伯济)
Served Wei and fought extensively against Shu. Brother of Guo Pei. Father of Guo Tong.
郭嘉 (奉孝)
Kuo Chia (Fêng-hsiao) 郭嘉 (奉孝)
Served Cao Cao as a trusted adviser during the formative years of Wei.
Kuo Ma 郭马
Originally an officer of Wu, Guo Ma revolted in Nanhai. Eventually defeated by Tao Huang.
Kuo Shêng 郭胜
Warned close friend He Jin about Jian Shi’s plot. Killed by Yuan Shao and Cao Cao.

Notes: In the notes section of To Esablish Peace he is referenced with two names from different sources: 1) HHJ25 as Guo Mai; 2) Jiuzhou chunqiu as Lang Sheng.

Kuo Shih 郭石
With Zhou Chao, Ravaged Lingling, Guiyang, and Changsha until destroyed by Sun Jian.
Kuo Ssŭ (To) 郭汜
Served Dong Zhuo. Later took control of the imperial court with Li Jue.

Notes: Guo Si is sometimes called Guo Duo, a name that is listed as an alternate personal name in a few different sources.

郭圖 (公則)
Kuo T‘u (Kung-tsê) 郭图 (公则)
Vassal of Yuan Shao. Supported Yuan Tan as Shao’s successor.
郭奕 (伯益)
Kuo I (Po-i) 郭奕 (伯益)
Son of Guo Jia, became Imperial Tutor. Well educated.
郭攸之 (演長)
Kuo Yuchih (Yen-ch‘ang) 郭攸之 (演长)
Described by Zhuge Liang as loyal and honest, advised Liu Shan on palace matters.
Kuo Yüan 郭援
Yuan Shang general. Zhong Yao’s sister’s son. Slain by Pang De at Pingyang.
國淵 (子尼)
Kuo Yüan (Tzŭ-ni) 国渊 (子尼)
Student of Zheng Xuan who described Zini as a state treasure. Impressed with honest counsel.



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