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Officers D: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
Ta Ch‘iao 大乔
Elder of Wu’s Qiao Sisters. Sister to Xiao Qiao. Married to Sun Ce.

Notes: Da (大), in this context, translates to ‘Big’, thus ‘Elder’. Rather than refer to her as the ‘Older Qiao’, the name Da Qiao has become a popular alternative. Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao were names first used by Koei in Dynasty Warriors 3 when the characters were introduced. Note that Da4 and Xiao3 can still be used in this context in the modern-day family, and usually as the surname.

Tai Kan 戴干
Recommended by Chen Qun to Cao Cao. Died fighting against Wu.
Tai Ling 戴陵
Served as assistant general to Zhang He during battle against Zhuge Liang.
Tai Yüan 戴员
Killed Sun Yi, Bian Hong and Sun He before he was assassinated.
Tailaitungchu 带来洞主
Younger brother of Zhurong. Participated in the battle against Zhuge Liang.

Notes: Sometimes appears as Chief or King. ‘King Dai Lai’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

Tan Mêng 儋萌
Executed a quarrelling officer, Pan Xin but was killed in battle with Pan Miao.
Tang Chün 党均
Served as advisor to Deng Ai. Spread false rumours about Jiang Wei.
鄧艾 (士載)
Têng Ai (Shih-tsai) 邓艾 (士载)
Campaigned against Shu with Zhong Hui and brilliantly struck Chengdu.
Têng Tang 邓当
Fought against the Shanyu under Sun Ce. Tried to persuade a young Lü Meng to stay home.
鄧方 (孔山)
Têng Fang (K‘ung-shan) 鄧方 (孔山)
Followed Liu Bei into Shu and was later given command of the south.
Têng Fu 邓辅
In 219, he was attacked and defeated by Lu Xun.
Têng Chi 邓济
In 197, he and his garrison at Nanyang were defeated by Cao Cao.
Têng Ching 邓靜
An expert vocalist, he served the Han orchestra under Cao Cao.
Têng K‘ai 邓凯
Raised non-Chinese people to resist Sun Quan. Lost to Xie Jing and fled to Shu.
Têng Liang 邓良
Served Liu Shan. Surrended to Deng Ai on behalf of Liu Shan.
Têng Lung 邓龙
Attempted to attack Zhou Yu at Chaisang, Deng Long was defeated and captured.
Têng Mao 邓茂
Served Yellow Scarves under Cheng Yuanzhi. Killed by Zhang Fei.
Têng P‘in 邓聘
Accompanied Emperor Xian during his flight but was killed.
Têng Shêng 邓升
Officer of Gao Gan. Left to guard Shangdang as Gan went to seek aid.
Têng T‘ung 邓铜
Shu officer. Died in the year following Kongming’s occupation of Hanzhong.
Têng Hsi 邓羲
Resigned in protest at Liu Biao’s continued alliance with Yuan Shao.
Têng Hsien 邓贤
Meng Da’s nephew. Under orders from Sima Yi, he betrayed Meng Da.
Têng Hsien 邓贤
One of the many generals that fights Liu Bei. Is killed by Huang Zhong in the novel.
Têng Hsüanchih 邓玄之
Used by Lü Meng to persuade the Governor of Lingling to surrender the city.
Têng I 邓义
Served under Liu Cong with Liu Xian. Surrendered to Cao Cao after Cong’s death.
鄧禹 (仲華)
Têng Yü (Chung-hua) 邓禹 (仲华)
Han Dynasty general and statesman. Major contributor to Emperor Guangwu’s effort to reestablish the Han.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Zheng Yu’ in chapter 43 of the online Brewitt-Taylor translation and the Moss Roberts translation.

Têng Yüan 邓渊
Detained by Guo Si when sent by Emperor Xian as envoy and later killed.
Teng Chan 邓展
A noted weapons expert who discussed swordplay with Cao Pi.
鄧芝 (伯苗)
Têng Chih (Po-miao) 邓芝 (伯苗)
Served Zhuge Liang. Was responsible for restoration of alliance with Wu.
Têng Chung 邓忠
Served Wei. Deng Ai’s talented son. Died attempting to aid his father.

Notes: Referenced incorrectly as ‘Deng Zong’ in some online historical sources.

Têng Tzŭhsiao 邓子孝
In 196, fled with Xu Jing to Jiao. In 208, met Wang Lang in Jing and gave him news.
Tien Man 典满
Served Wei. Dian Wei’s son, became a member of Cao Cao’s bodyguard.
Tien Wei 典韦
Served Wei. One of Cao Cao’s trusted guards. Dian Man’s father.

Notes: We originally listed Dian Wei’s style as Ziman (子曼). As we are no longer able to locate the source, and a few possible causes for error have turned up, we no longer have reason to believe he had the name.

Tiaoch‘an [Sable Cicada] 貂婵
Wang Yun’s adopted daughter. Helped to kill Dong Zhuo. Fictional.

Notes: Also known as Sable Cicada.

Tilu Horse [Hex Mark] 的卢马
Liu Bei’s horse. Saved Liu Bei at the river Tan. Killed at Fallen Phoenix Slope, along with Pang Tong.

Notes: Called ‘Hex Mark’ in Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Ting Ch‘ung 丁冲
Early advisor to Cao Cao and Yang Feng, he died of overdrinking.
Ting Fan 丁蕃
Under He Qi’s command, reluctant to accept a humble post so He Qi killed him.
Ting Fei 丁斐
Magistrate of Weinan. Set free animals at Tong Gate to confuse Ma Chao’s army.
丁奉 (承淵)
Ting Fêng (Ch‘êng-yüan) 丁奉 (承渊)
Famous Wu officer, assassinated Sun Chen with Zhang Bu. Defeated Wei at Dongxing.
Ting Fêng 丁封
Served Sun Xiu under Ding Feng with Sun Yi. Dispatched to aid Zhuge Zhan.

Notes: Mistranslated as ‘Ding Fung’ in the online Brewitt-Taylor translation.

丁宮 (元雄)
Ting Kung (Yüan-hsiung) 丁宫 (元雄)
Recommended Shi Yi to the court, held high posts for the Han.
Ting Kuan 丁管
Served Han as Imperial Secretary. Opposed Dong Zhuo’s change of Emperors.
丁覽 (孝連)
Ting Lan (Hsiao-lien) 丁览 (孝连)
An orphan, he was an honourable and generous man but died before he could rise further.
Ting Li 丁立
Shu officer. Died in the year following Kongming’s occupation of Hanzhong.
丁謐 (彥靖)
Ting Mi (Yen-ching) 丁谧 (彦靖)
Supporter of Cao Shuang, part of the clever four club led by Xiahou Xu.
Ting Hsü 丁諝
Head of convict soldiers, he was befriended by Gu Shao. Would rise through the ranks.
丁廙 (敬礼)
Ting I (Ching-li) 丁廙 (敬礼)
Supporter of Cao Zhi, a man of literary talent. Executed with his brother by Cao Pi.

Notes: Not to be confused with Ding Yì (丁儀). Sometimes incorrectly translated (perhaps in the name of disambiguation) as Ding Yin.

丁儀 (正禮)
Ting I (Chêng-li) 丁仪 (正礼)
Supporter of Cao Zhi after Cao Pi slandered him. Executed with his brother by Cao Pi.

Notes: Not to be confused with Ding Yí (丁廙).

丁原 (建陽)
Ting Yüan (Chien-yang) 丁原 (建阳)
An excellent horseman and archer, assassinated by Lü Bu on Dong Zhuo’s orders.
Ting (Tzŭ-su) (子嗣)
A local officer, one of the Seven Heroes who shielded Zhao Qian after losing to Turbans.
Tiwu Chün 第五儁
In 188, was ordered to raise a regiment to help He Xun defeat Liang rebels.
Tung Pa 董巴
Historian who wrote several works on the Han. Linked Cao Pi to Yellow Emperor.
Tung Pai 董白
Granddaughter of Dong Zhuo. Made a Lord even before she came of age.
Tung Ch‘ao 董朝
Objected to Pang De as leader for battle against Guan Yu.
Tung Ch‘êng 董承
Served Han as General of Cavalry and Chariots. Plots to assassinate Cao Cao.
Tung Ch‘ung 董重
Served Han as General of the Flying Cavalry. Lady Dong’s brother.

Notes: Is also known as Dong Zhong in the ZZTJ.

Tung Fang 董访
His service to Zhang Miao led to Dong Zhao losing favour with Yuan Shao.
Tung Fên 董芬
Tried to copy Gan Shi’s breathing style but failed, almost killing himself in the attempt.
董扶 (茂安)
Tung Fu (Mou-an) 董扶 (茂安)
Famed teacher and debater, he advised Liu Yan to go to Yi.

Notes: Professor Rafe has style name as Mao’an.

Tung Ho 董和
Captured in 214 by Sun Quan with Zhu Guang.
董和 (幼宰)
Tung Ho (Yu-tsai) 董和 (幼宰)
Suggested asking Zhang Lu for aid against Liu Bei. Admired for his honesty and plain living.
Tung Huang 董璜
Privy Counsellor under Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo’s nephew. Killed by Huangfu Song.
董恢 (休緒)
Tung Hui (Hsiu-hsü) 董恢 (休绪)
As an ambassador to Wu, advised Fei Yi on how to reply to Sun Quan.
董厥 (龔襲)
Tung Chüeh (Kung-hsi) 董厥 (龚袭)
Brought troops to defend Saber Pass from Deng Ai and Zhong Hui.
Tung Meng 董蒙
Petitioned Cao Cao to become Duke.
董旻 (叔穎)
Tung Min (Shu-yin) 董旻 (叔颖)
Served Dong Zhuo as Lord of Hu. Dong Zhuo’s brother. Killed by Huangfu Song.
Tung Ssŭ 董祀
Sentenced to death for some crime, Cai Yan appealed to Cao Cao and saved him.
Tung T‘ai 董台
A local gentleman, unsuccessfully sought the hand of the widow Han Jiang. His clients had her kidnapped.
董襲 (元代)
Tung Hsi (Yüan-tai) 董袭 (元代)
Historically killed two generals, drowned with his ship, refusing pleas to leave it.
董遇 (季直)
Tung Yü (Chi-chih) 董遇 (季直)
Loved to study and a quiet man, highly venerated Confucian scholar.
Tung Yüeh 董越
Sent to guard Mianchi against the Coalition. Killed by Niu Fu on advice of soothsayer.
董允 (休昭)
Tung Yün (Hsiu-chao) 董允 (休昭)
Served Shu as a High Minister during Liu Shan’s reign.
董昭 (公仁)
Tung Chao (Kung-jên) 董昭 (公仁)
Served Han then Wei. Advised Cao Cao to move the capital to Xuchang.
董卓 (仲穎)
Tung Cho (Chung-ying) 董卓 (仲颖)
Siezed control of Luoyang and the Han government before being killed by Lü Bu.
Tungkuo Yennien (Kung-yu) 东郭延年
Noted for long life and youthful appearance, obtained by various methods.
Tungli Kun 東里袞
He fought bravely to escape when Wan rebelled. Later aided Cao Ren in retaking the city.
Tungt‘una 董荼那
Fought against Zhao Yun and Wei Yan. Captured by Zhang Ni.

Notes: Appears as Dong Tu Na or Dong Tu Ne in Koei games.

Tou Fu 窦辅
Grandson of Dou Wu, escaped being executed due to family friends.
Tou Wu 窦武
Served Emperor Ling of Han as Regent-Marshal. Died opposing the eunuchs.
Tou-mao 窦茂
King of Di who assisted Zhang Lu against Cao Cao.
Tu Ch‘ang 杜长
Sent to assist Gongsun Zan against Yuan Shao but was defeated.
杜畿 (伯侯)
Tu Chi (Po-hou) 杜畿 (伯侯)
Judged the best administrator in the empire, kept the people of Hedong loyal to Wei.
杜夔 (公良)
Tu K‘uei (Kung-liang) 杜夔 (公良)
Gentleman of the Court Music. Reprimanded Liu Biao for creating an orchestra for his court.
Tu P‘u 杜普
Advance guard against Yue Jin in Xiangyang but was driven back.
Tu Ch‘i 杜祺
Subordinate of Wang Lian, he rose up to become a high ranking officer.
杜瓊 (伯瑜)
Tu Ch‘iung (Po-yü) 杜琼 (伯瑜)
A teacher of Qiao Zhou and famed scholar, generally avoided public affairs despite rank.
Tu Sung 杜松
Garrisoned in Donghai, his men mutinied and Song was replaced by Lü Qian.
Tu T‘ung 杜通
In 220, was arrested by Zhang Jin and his position usurped. Restored by Su Ze.
杜微 (國輔)
Tu Wei (Kuo-fu) 杜微 (国辅)
Faked illness, even faked being deaf, to avoid serving Liu Bei.
杜襲 (子緒)
Tu Hsi (Tzŭ-hsü) 杜袭 (子绪)
Proposed to the troops that Zhang He take command after Xiahou Yuan was killed.
杜預 (元凱)
Tu Yü (Yüan-k‘-ai) 杜预 (元凯)
Served Jin to unification. The Field Marshal that led the invasion of Wu.
Tuan Kuei (Tzŭ-yin) 段圭
One of the Ten Regular Attendants. Killed by Min Gong searching for Emperor Ling.
Tuan Wei (Chung-ming) 段煨
Supplied Emperor Xian’s court despite being attacked. Destroyed Li Jue.
Tuan Hsü 段训
Sent to reward Liu Yu and Gongsun Zan, instead was forced to execute Liu Yu.

Notes: Also called Yin Xun (殷訓)

Tuan Chao 段昭
Defeated the rebel Cai Fang.
Tuhu 杜濩
Tribe leader, took in Zhang Lu and later surrendered to Cao Cao.



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