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Officers A–B: officer names from the Three Kingdoms officer name English–Chinese reference tool. Cross-reference given (xìng), personal (míng) and style (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names in Pinyin, Wade-Giles, and traditional Chinese (both in Hanzi and decimal-encoded form for non-Unicode websites and forums).

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Officer Name
Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese
Akuei 阿贵
In 213, joined with ally Qianwan and Ma Chao. Defeated and killed by Xiahou Yuan.
Ahuinan 阿会喃
Served and executed by Meng Huo. Marshal of the Third Cave. Captured by Zhang Yi.

Notes: Some translations depict his name as Ahui Nan.

巴祇 (敬祖)
Pa Chih (Ching-tsu) 巴只 (敬祖)
An Inspector of Xu who held command against the Yellow Turbans, and reported on the excellent conduct of Zhao Yu.
Pai Ch‘i 白起
General of Qin, rumored to have been undefeated. Conquered the state of Chu.
鮑出 (文才)
Pao Ch‘u (Wên-ts‘ai) 鲍出 (文才)
Saved his mother and sister-in-law from bandits. Invited to office for his actions, but he refused.
Pao Hung 鲍鸿/洪
A colonel in the northern army who would later be reported embezzling local funds.
Pao Lung 鲍隆
Served Zhao Fan. Fell two tigers with a few arrows. Executed by Zhao Yun.
Pao Jung 鲍融
Son of Bao Shao, to whom the inheritance went after Bao Shao’s death.
Pao Sanniang 鲍三娘
Guan Suo’s wife. Both beautiful and skilled in combat. Fictional.
Pao Shao 鲍邵
Enfeoffed in memory of the loyalty of his father Bao Xin.
Pao Su 鲍素
Fictional officer of Jiang Wei. Acted as a decoy but was defeated and killed by Chen Tai.
Pao T’ao 鲍韬
Younger brother of Bao Xin who accompanied him against Dong Zhuo. Died in battle.
Pao Hsin 鲍信
Urged Yuan Shao to attack Dong, invited Cao Cao to govern Yan. Died fighting Turbans.
鮑勛 (叔業)
Pao Hsün (Shu-yeh) 鲍勋 (叔业)
Strict morality meant Xun had conflicts with Cao Pi, was eventually executed.
Pao Chung 鲍忠
Served Bao Xin, his brother. Died in battle with Hua Xiong.
Pei Tou 北斗
God in Koei’s Three Kingdoms. Reference to Star God/Lunar House Beidou (in Big Dipper).
Pei Yen 卑衍
Served Gongsun Yuan. Defeated by Sima Yi. In novel, fell in a duel against Xiahou Ba.
Pei Yü 贝羽
A county magistrate in Nan. Independent in AD 190, later submitted to Liu Biao.
Peikung Poyü 北宮伯玉
Lead mutiny of troops then Qiang revolt. Huangfu Song and Zhang Wen failed to put him down.
Pi Ch‘ên 毕谌
Aide to Cao Cao, his family was captured and he left only to be captured later.

Notes: Also called Bi Cheng in the SGZ.

畢軌 (昭先)
Pi Kuei (Chao-hsien) 毕轨 (昭先)
Officer of Cao Shuang’s faction, executed by Sima Yi after Sima Yi’s coup.
Pi Lan 毕岚
One of the 12 Regular Attendants who was known for his engineering achievements.
Pi Yü 毕瑜
Sent with seal to Liu Yu who rejected the appointment and may have executed Bi Yu.
Pien Ping 卞秉
Served Wei. Brother of Empress Bian.
Pien Ho 卞和
Historically, a statesman of Chu. Discovered the jade from which the imperial seal was crafted.
Pien Hung 边鸿
Part of Sun Yi’s escort, he assassinated his master after dusk. Executed by his co-conspirators.
Pien Lan 卞蘭
Close to both Cao Pi and Cao Rui, an honest advisor. Suffered from diabetes.
邊讓 (文禮)
Pien Jang (Wên-li) 边让 (文礼)
Governor of Jiujiang. Killed by Xiahou Dun reinforcing Tao Qian against Cao Cao.
Pien Hsi 卞喜
Met Guan Yu with mock hospitality at Sishui Pass, and died for his trouble.
Pien Yüan 卞远
Father of Empress Bian. Posthumously enfeoffed as marquis.
Pien Chang 边章
Forced into leading the Qiang’s in revolt against the Han alongside Han Sui.

Notes: Originally named Bian Yuan (元).

? Ping ?昺
General who took part in a stele about Cao Pi’s rise to the Imperial Throne.
邴良 (文鸞)
Ping Liang (Wên-luan) 邴良 (文鸾)
Son of Bing Zhi, he served under Sun Ce.
邴玄 (文表)
Ping Hsüan (Wên-piao) 邴玄 (文表)
Succeeded Bing Liang in his post. His daughter married Sun Deng. Mourned by Sun Quan.
邴原 (根矩)
Ping Yüan (Kên-chü) 邴原 (根矩)
Friend of Hua Xin. Belly of “The Dragon”, a group of three scholars.
邴祉 (宣嗣)
Ping Chih (Hsüan-ssŭ) 邴祉 (宣嗣)
An Administrator under Sun Jian who died in the early 190s
Po Po 白波
A leader of the Black Mountain Bandits who hailed from the Bobo valley.

Notes: While 白 is translated as ‘Bo’ in this case, and in the name of the valley from which Bo Bo hailed, 白 is most commonly translated as Bai. As such you may read of a Bai Bo who came from Baibo valley.

Po Ts‘ai 波才
Defeated Zhu Jun then lost to the combined armies of Zhu Jun, Huangfu Song and Cao Cao.
Po Jao 白绕
Black Mountain Bandit leader. Plundered Wan but was defeated by Cao Cao.
Po Shou 白寿
Shu officer. Died in the year following Kongming’s occupation of Hanzhong.
Po Hsiaoch‘ang 柏孝长
An officer of Merit who first hid when Liu Biao attacked, but took part in fighting after 5 days.
Poku 伯固
King of a tribe as a minor in 130, he survived to give tribute to Gongsun Du in 190.

Notes: Known to Korean history as Paekko.

Poch‘üeh [White Sparrow] 白雀
Part of the Black Mountain Bandits in 185.
Pu Ch‘an (Chung-ssŭ) 步阐
Served Wu. Bu Zhi’s son. Surrendered his city to Jin. Killed by Lu Kang.
Pu Chi 步玑
Son of Bu Xie, sent by Bu Chan to Luoyang when the Bu family revolted.
卜靜 (玄風)
Pu Ching (Hsüan-fêng) 卜靜 (玄风)
Widely admired, he became a magistrate of Kuaiji under Sun Quan.
Pu Ssŭ 卜巳
Local leader, captured and killed by Fu Xie.

Notes: Also named Bu Yi

Pu Hsieh 步协
Son of Bu Zhi, became General who Consoles the Army.
Pu Hsüan 步璇
Youngest son of Bu Zhi, he took part in Bu Chan’s defection to Jin.
步騭 (子山)
Pu Chih (Tzŭ-shan) 步骘 (子山)
Served Sun Quan. Accurately predicted Guan Yu’s invasion of Jing.
Putukên 步度根
A Lord of the Xianbei. Allied with Wei, then allied and got killed by Kebineng.



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