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Kongming’s Archives – Romance of the Three Kingdoms Biographies

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Many biographies have been translated or authored for the Three Kingdoms officers discussed on this site, and you can find them using this page. Contents include: Sanguozhi biographies (translations from the historical record by Chen Shou), Sanguo yanyi biographies (Romance of the Three Kingdoms biographies), Comprehensive Officer Biographies (based on multiple historical and cultural sources), Officer Life Chronologies), and links to biographies on other sites.

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Historical Officers

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Fu Xi; Lived C. 2852–2738 BC
The first of three noble emperors, the San Huang, in Chinese mythology.
Sanguozhi      Sanguo yanyi      Comprehensive JW
Nüwa (Nu Wa); Lived Unknown–
Chinese goddess. Created mankind from the yellow earth and repaired the Wall of Heaven.
Sanguozhi      Sanguo yanyi      Comprehensive JW

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