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Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel Officer Appearances

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Nearly all of the officers you see referenced on this site existed in the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which this project is dedicated to. Here you can search through personages that appeared inside it, listing them with mini-biographies and a list of chapters in which they appeared. Each entry links directly to the online Brewitt-Taylor translation published at Use this project to help with the creation of biographies, to learn more about officers, or even simply to refresh your memory about an event. Please share errors or suggestions with the webmaster.

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Kingdom of Wu

(Search results for officers in the Kingdom of Wu.)

Bian Hong; Lived AD ?–204
Part of Sun Yi’s escort, he assassinated his master after dusk. Executed by his co-conspirators.
Appearances: 38
Bu Chan (Zhongsi); Lived AD 222–272
Served Wu. Bu Zhi’s son. Surrendered his city to Jin. Killed by Lu Kang.
Appearances: 120
Bu Zhi (Zishan); Lived AD 180–247
Served Sun Quan. Accurately predicted Guan Yu’s invasion of Jing.
Appearances: 43, 44, 68, 73, 83
Cai He; Lived ?–208
Cai Mao’s brother. Surrendered to Wu before Chibi, but executed by Zhou Yu.
Appearances: 34, 46, 47, 49
Cai Lin; Lifespan Unknown
Officer of Zhuge Ke, he defected to Wei with his entire company at Xincheng.
Appearances: 108
Cai Zhong; Lived AD ?–208
Cai Mao’s cousin. Surrendered to Wu before Chibi, but was killed by Gan Ning.
Appearances: 34, 46, 47, 49, 50
Cen Hun; Lived AD ?–280
Eunuch and favourite of Sun Hao, he was killed and eaten by palace officials.
Appearances: 120
Chen Wu (Zilie); Lived AD 1?–215
Served Sun Ce as Commandant. Surrounded at Hefei and fought to his death.
Appearances: 15, 49, 51, 55, 61, 67, 68
Cheng Bing (Deshu); Lived c.172–c.225
Advisor to Sun Quan. Sent as diplomat, with Zhang Fei’s head, to Liu Bei at Yiling.
Appearances: 38, 43, 83
Cheng Pu (Demou); Lived AD ?–c.210
Served three generations of the Sun family. From Tuyin in Youbeiping.
Appearances: 57, 15, 29, 39, 44, 45, 4953, 56, 67, 75
Cheng Zi; Lifespan Unlisted
Son of Cheng Pu, went instead of his father to the war meeting at Chi Bi.
Appearances: 44
Chunyu Dan; Lived Unknown–
Sent by Lu Xun to test Liu Bei’s encampments. Is defeated and wounded.
Appearances: 84
Cui Yu; Lifespan Unlisted
Went to Sun Huan’s aid instead of Zhu Ran but was captured and executed.
Appearances: 82
Da Qiao; Lifespan Unknown
Elder of Wu’s Qiao Sisters. Sister to Xiao Qiao. Married to Sun Ce.
Appearances: 29, 44, 48, 54
Dai Yuan; Lived AD ?–204
Killed Sun Yi, Bian Hong and Sun He before he was assassinated.
Appearances: 38
Deng Cheng; Lifespan Unlisted
Received the royal seal of the deposed Sun Liang.
Appearances: 113
Ding Feng (Chengyuan); Lived AD ?–271
Famous Wu officer, assassinated Sun Chen with Zhang Bu. Defeated Wei at Dongxing.
Appearances: 38, 44, 49, 51, 55, 56, 75, 76, 83, 84, 86, 108, 117, 119, 120
Ding Feng; Lifespan Unknown
Served Sun Xiu under Ding Feng with Sun Yi. Dispatched to aid Zhuge Zhan.
Appearances: 117
Dong Chao; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent as Imperial Envoy to request Sun Xiu take the throne.
Appearances: 113
Dong Xi (Yuandai); Lived AD ?–217
Historically killed two generals, drowned with his ship, refusing pleas to leave it.
Appearances: 15, 38, 53, 67, 68
Du Lu; Lifespan Unlisted
General at Yiling, cornered by Lu Xun’s forces and surrendered.
Appearances: 82
Empress Quan; Lived AD ?–c.301
Described as sensitive and beautiful, she was Sun Liang’s empress.
Appearances: 113
Fan Jiang; Lifespan Unlisted
Assassinated Zhang Fei with Zhang Da and then fled to Wu.
Appearances: 81, 83
Fu Shiren (Junyi); Lived ?–222
Persuaded by Lü Meng to betray Guan Yu. Killed by Guan Xing after trying to return to Shu.
Appearances: 73, 75, 76, 83
Fu Ying; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Sun Yi, avenged his master’s murder by killing Gui Lan.
Appearances: 38
Gan Ning (Xingba); Lived AD 175–c.219
Known to be brave and strong. Served Huang Zu, then Wu. Died of illness.
Appearances: 38, 39, 4547, 4951, 53, 56, 6668, 82, 83
Gan Xiu; Lifespan Unlisted
Old man who warned Sun Xiu to “move faster, for things may change swiftly.”
Appearances: 113
Ge Ding; Lived AD ?–208
Served Taishi Ci, tried to kill Zhang Liao but was caught by Li Dian.
Appearances: 53
Gu Li (A-li); Lifespan Unlisted
Bodyguard, helped Sun Quan across a broken bridge at Hefei. Admired by Sun Quan.
Appearances: 67
Gu Yong (Yuantan); Lived AD 168–243
Studied under Cai Yong. Convinced to join Wu by Zhang Hong. Became Prime Minister.
Appearances: 29, 38, 43, 44, 56, 61, 65, 68, 73, 82, 83, 86, 96, 98
Gui Lan; Lived AD ?–204
Killed Sun Yi, Bian Hong and Sun He before he was executed by Sun Yi’s officials.
Appearances: 38
Han Dang (Yigong); Lived AD c.156–227
Veteran general in service to the Sun family. Served three generations.
Appearances: 57, 15, 29, 44, 45, 4851, 55, 61, 67, 75, 76, 8284
Han Zong; Lifespan Unlisted
Sent by Hu Zun to attack Wu forts but was killed in a raid by Ding Feng.
Appearances: 108
He Zhi; Lifespan Unknown
Grandson of He Qi. Son of He Da. Sun Hao’s Minister of the Interior.
Appearances: 120
Hu Chong; Lived AD c.210–?
Persuaded Sun Hao not to commit suicide but to surrender to Jin instead.
Appearances: 120
Hua He (Yongxian); Lived AD ?–276
Told Sun Hao not to attack but to gain the love of the people. Left court bemoaning Wu’s fate.
Appearances: 119, 120
Hua Xin (Ziyu); Lived AD 157–231
Head of “The Dragon”, a group of three scholars. Promoted Emperor Xian’s abdication.
Appearances: 29, 56, 66, 69, 78, 79, 80, 91, 94, 99
Huan Jie (Boxu); Lived AD ?–c.223
Negotiated the return of Sun Jian’s body. Involved with Xian’s abdication.
Appearances: 7, 8, 79, 80
Huan Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Killed by Sun Chen for claiming that Sun Liang should not be deposed.
Appearances: 113
Huang Gai (Gongfu); Lived AD c.145–c.208
Veteran general in Wu. Came up with the “Bitter Meat Plan” for Chibi.
Appearances: 57, 15, 43, 44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 55, 67
Jia Hua; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Wu. Guarded Sun Quan at the battle of Hefei.
Appearances: 53, 54
Jiang Qin (Gongyi); Lived AD 168–219
Led the volunteer forces that joined Sun Ce in the battle of Qu’e.
Appearances: 15, 44, 45, 49, 51, 56, 67, 68, 75, 76
Jiang Yan; Lifespan Unlisted
Warned Zhuge Ke not to attack Wei due to white mist and was stripped of rank.
Appearances: 108
Jiao Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Advisor of Zhuge Dan, slipped over the walls and surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 112
Kan Ze (Derun); Lifespan Unlisted
Delivered Huang Gai’s false letter of defection to Cao Cao.
Appearances: 38, 46, 47, 49, 66, 83
Lady Pan; Lived AD ?–253
Wife of Sun Quan, the Lord of Wu. Was a native of Juzhang in Kuaiji.
Appearances: 108
Lady Sun; Lifespan Unlisted
Quan Shang told her of Sun Liang’s plot against Sun Chen. She warned Chen.
Appearances: 113
Lady Sun [Sun Shangxiang]; Lived AD c.189–?
Sun Quan’s sister. Married to Liu Bei by Sun Quan, but later returned to Wu.
Appearances: 7, 5456, 61, 77, 82, 83, 84
Lady Wang; Lifespan Unlisted
Second only to Madam Bu, Sun Luban slandered her to death.
Appearances: 108
Lady Wu; Lived AD ?–202
Mother of Sun Quan and Sun Ce. Wife to Sun Jian. Endorsed marriage of lady Sun.
Appearances: 7, 29, 38, 54, 55, 61
Lady Xu; Lifespan Unknown
Wife of Sun Quan, the Lord of Wu. Was a native of Fuchun in Wu Commandary.
Appearances: 108
Lady Xu; Lived Unlisted–
Wife of Sun Yi, versed in the Book of Changes. Helped avenge her husband’s murder.
Appearances: 38
Li Yi; Lifespan Unknown
General of Sun Huan. Slain by Guan Xing in the novel.
Appearances: 82
Ling Cao; Lived AD ?–203
Served Wu. Was killed in one of Gan Ning’s arrow attacks fighting Huang Zu.
Appearances: 15, 38, 39
Ling Tong (Gongji); Lived AD 189–217
Served Wu. Resented Gan Ning for killing his father, Ling Cao, but later forgave him.
Appearances: 38, 39, 44, 4951, 53, 56, 67, 68, 8284
Liu Cheng; Lifespan Unlisted
Guarded the gates of the palace. Executed by Sun Chen for taking part in Sun Liang’s plot.
Appearances: 113
Liu Lüe; Lifespan Unlisted
General under Zhuge Ke, defended against Wei.
Appearances: 108
Liu Ning; Lifespan Unlisted
Participated in Liu Bei’s attack on Wu, but was defeated and surrendered.
Appearances: 82
Liu Ping; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Wu. Was executed by Sun Hao for objecting to his cruelty.
Appearances: 120
Liu Zan (Zhengming); Lifespan Unlisted
Father of Liu Lue. Marched to meet Wei’s invasion on Zhuge Ke’s orders.
Appearances: 108
Liu Zhang (Jiyu); Lived AD ?–219
Son of Liu Yan. Governed Ba-shu before Liu Bei took his kingdom out from under his feet.
Appearances: 16, 21, 38, 54, 56, 57, 5965
Lou Xuan (Chengxian); Lifespan Unlisted
Executed for rebuking Sun Hao about his tyranny.
Appearances: 120
Lü Ba; Lifespan Unlisted
Son of Lü Meng, was given hereditary nobility.
Appearances: 77
Lü Dai (Dinggong); Lived AD 161–256
General of Wu. Executed the last vestiges of the Shi clan in Jiao province.
Appearances: 108
Lü Fan (Ziheng); Lived AD ?–228
Was an aide to Yuan Shu, but left for Sun Ce. Suggested Lady Sun’s marriage.
Appearances: 15, 29, 44, 54, 76, 77, 85
Lu Ji (Gongji); Lived AD 188–219
During his youth, he was said to have stolen an orange from Yuan Shu to give to his mother.
Appearances: 38, 43
Lu Jing (Shiren); Lived AD 249–280
The second son of Lu Kang and Wu Grand Admiral. Died in battle with Jin forces.
Appearances: 120
Lü Ju (Shiyi); Lived AD ?–256
Second son of Lü Fan and an officer of Wu. Killed by Sun Chen.
Appearances: 108, 111, 113
Lu Kai (Jingfeng); Lived AD 198–269
Together with Wan Yu, shared the responsibility of Prime Minister under Sun Hao.
Appearances: 120
Lu Kang (Youjie); Lived AD 226–274
Lu Xun’s second son. Known to be as capable a commander as his father.
Appearances: 119, 120
Lü Meng (Ziming); Lived AD 178–220
Served Wu. Originally a skilled warrior, turned out to be a scholar as well.
Appearances: 38, 44, 4951, 56, 61, 6668, 73, 75, 76, 77, 82, 83, 103, 110
Lu Su (Zijing); Lived AD 172–217
Brilliant and insightful Wu commander. Was ambassador to Shu.
Appearances: 29, 39, 4249, 5154, 5658, 66, 67, 69
Lu Xun (Boyan); Lived AD 183–245
Famous and brilliant Wu commander that defeated Liu Bei at Yiling.
Appearances: 38, 44, 49, 50, 53, 68, 75, 8387, 9698, 102, 103, 108, 119
Luo Tong (Gongxu); Lived AD 193–228
Vassal of Sun Quan, famed for being a poor yet honourable man, loyal to his step mother.
Appearances: 38, 43
Ma Zhong; Lived AD ?–222
Captured Guan Yu and Guan Ping. Executed to satiate Liu Bei in the novel.
Appearances: 77, 81, 83
Meng Zong (Gongwu); Lived AD ?–271
One of the 24 paragons of filial piety, almost executed for leaving post to attend funeral.
Appearances: 113
Mi Fang (Zifang); Lived Unknown–
Mi Zhu’s brother. Served all three kingdoms. Surrendered to Wu after threat of punishment from Guan Yu.
Appearances: 18, 22, 28, 31, 3941, 49, 63, 65, 73, 75, 76, 81, 83
Pan Jun (Chengming); Lived AD ?–240
Began his career under Liu Biao then Liu Bei. After Guan Yu’s death, served in Wu.
Appearances: 73, 75
Pan Zhang (Wengui); Lived AD 171–234
Served Wu. Led the forces which captured Guan Yu and his son, Guan Ping.
Appearances: 38, 44, 49, MR:50, 51, 55, 61, 67, 75, 77, 81, 82, 83
Puyang Xing (Ziyuan); Lived AD ?–265
Supported Sun Hao after Sun Xiu died, helping to elevate him to Emperor.
Appearances: 120
Qiao Xuan (Gongzu); Lived AD 110–184
Recognised Cao Cao’s talent and predicted Han would collapse. Noble offical.
Appearances: 1, 44, 48, 54
Quan Cong (Zihuang); Lived AD ?–249
Son of Quan Rou and son-in-law of Sun Quan. Served Wu as general and advisor.
Appearances: 96, 105
Quan Duan; Lifespan Unlisted
Defended Shouchun during Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 111, 112
Quan Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Tries to cut way into Shouchun but sees defeat is inevitable. Defects and persuades family to do so.
Appearances: 112
Quan Ji; Lived AD ?–258
Brother-in-law of Sun Liang. Ordered to kill Sun Chen by Sun Liang, but was executed.
Appearances: 113
Quan Shang; Lifespan Unlisted
Father of Quan Ji. Was killed after his wife revealed his son’s plot against Sun Chen.
Appearances: 113
Quan Wei; Lifespan Unlisted
Quan Duan’s son. Aided Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but had to surrender.
Appearances: 112
Quan Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Quan Cong’s son. Sent to aid Zhuge Dan’s rebellion, but surrendered to Wei.
Appearances: 108, 111, 112
Shang Guang; Lifespan Unlisted
Soothsayer who predicted Sun Hao would conquer Jin.
Appearances: 120
Shen Ying; Lived AD ?–c.280
General of the Left under Sun Hao who was slain during Jin’s conquest of Wu.
Appearances: 120
Shi Ji; Lived AD ?–221
Sent out by Pan Zhang to duel Huang Zhong but was killed.
Appearances: 83
Shi Shuo; Lifespan Unlisted
Imperial Guard under Sun Xiu who reported Sun Chen’s rebellion.
Appearances: 113
Song Qian; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Wu. In the novel, is killed by Li Dian at Hefei, but historically fights at Yiling.
Appearances: 53
Su Fei; Lifespan Unlisted
Convinced Gan Ning to leave Huang Zu and join Sun Quan.
Appearances: 38, 39
Sun Ce (Bofu); Lived AD 175–200
Sun Jian’s oldest son. Built the foundation of the Wu kingdom.
Appearances: 7, 8, 1518, 21, 28, 29, 38, 42, 44, 48, 57, 68, 82, 83, 97, 120
Sun Chen (Zitong); Lived AD 231–258
Executed a number of Wu officials and abused his authority, deposed Sun Liang.
Appearances: 111, 112, 113
Sun Deng (Zigao); Lived AD 209–241
Set to be Quan’s successor, but died young. Kind and sought out goodness.
Appearances: 98, 108
Sun En; Lifespan Unlisted
Relative of Sun Chen, he was sent to escort Sun Xiu to take the throne.
Appearances: 113
Sun Gan; Lifespan Unlisted
Got rank thanks to Sun Chen and was executed when Chen was killed.
Appearances: 113
Sun Gao; Lifespan Unknown
Old general of Sun Yi, avenged the death of his master.
Appearances: 38
Sun Hao (Yuanzong); Lived AD 242–283
Last Emperor of Wu. Destroyed the country through tyranical rule and wasteful projects.
Appearances: 113, 120
Sun He (Zixiao); Lifespan Unlisted
Heir to Sun Quan but quarrelled with his brother Sun Ba. Dismissed by his father.
Appearances: 108, 120
Sun He (Bohai); Lived AD ?–204
Investigated Sun Yi’s death but was assassinated. Adopted into Yu clan by Sun Jian.
Appearances: 82
Sun Huan (Shuwu); Lived AD 196–?
Part of invasion of Jing. Trapped at Yiling, he holds out until Lu Xun achieves victory.
Appearances: 8284
Sun Ji; Lifespan Unlisted
Officer of Wu. Took over Lu Kang’s position when Kang was removed from office.
Appearances: 120
Sun Jian (Wentai); Lived AD 155–192
Father of Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and the kingdom of Wu.
Appearances: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, 39, 42, 46, 82, 120
Sun Jiao (Shulang); Lived c.180–219
Held off Cao Cao’s forces at Ruxukou. A generous and honourable man.
Appearances: 75
Sun Jing (Youtai); Lifespan Unlisted
Raised up the troops that would be Jian’s personal guard. Helped defeat Wang Lang.
Appearances: 7, 15, 29, 39, 75, 108
Sun Ju; Lifespan Unlisted
Held high office due to being related to Sun Chen.
Appearances: 113
Sun Jun (Ziyuan); Lived AD 218–256
Joined Teng Yin in assassinating Zhuge Ke, later controlled the court.
Appearances: 108, 110, 111, 113
Sun Kai; Lifespan Unlisted
Relative of Sun Chen, sent as Imperial Envoy to Sun Xiu.
Appearances: 113
Sun Kuang (Jizuo); Lived AD c.185–c.205
Married daughter of Cao Ren, died at twenty without having held office.
Appearances: 7, 29
Sun Lang (Zaoan); Lifespan Unknown
The fifth son of Sun Jian. Led a command at Dongkou but accidentally burned his own camp.
Appearances: 7
Sun Liang (Ziming); Lived AD 243–260
Became Emperor, but was dethroned by Sun Chen after failed attempt to remove Chen.
Appearances: 108, 111, 113
Sun Luban (Dahu); Lifespan Unknown
Lover of Sun Jun. Caused deaths of Lady Wang, Princess Zhu and Sun He.
Appearances: 108
Sun Quan (Zhongmou); Lived AD 182–252
Sun Jian’s second son. Sun Ce’s brother. Long-lived first Emperor of Wu.
Appearances: 7, 15, 29, 31, 34, 3840, 4247, 4958, 6063, 6568, 73, 7588, 9699, 102, 103, 105, 106, 108, 110, 120
Sun Shao (Gongli); Lived AD 188–241
Disobeyed Xu Sheng to fool opposing Wei forces. Maintained strong defense against Wei.
Appearances: 7, 86, 102
Sun Wan; Lifespan Unlisted
Son of Sun Xiu, and intended heir. Puyang Xiang and Zhang Bu enthroned Sun Hao.
Appearances: 120
Sun Xin; Lived ?–280
In command of navy, lured out by Du Yu. Met the attack of Zhou Zhi but was killed.
Appearances: 120
Sun Xiu; Lifespan Unlisted
Surrendered to Jin and served as Cavalry General. Wept at the fall of Wu.
Appearances: 120
Sun Xiu (Zilie); Lived AD 235–264
Overthrew Sun Chen but neglected state affairs. Wish for heirship ignored.
Appearances: 113, 117119, 120
Sun Yi; Lifespan Unlisted
Was sent to aid Jiang Wei during the fall of Shu but was too late.
Appearances: 117, 119
Sun Yi (Shubi); Lived AD 183–203
Once a rival to Sun Quan. Assassinated by Bian Hong and others at a banquet.
Appearances: 7, 38
Sun Yu; Lifespan Unlisted
Brother of Sun Quan, is used to support Zhou Yu’s attack on Liu Zhang.
Appearances: 57
Sun Yu (Zhongyi); Lived AD 176–215
Served Wu. Sun Jing’s second son and cousin to Sun Quan.
Appearances: 57
Taishi Ci (Ziyi); Lived AD 166–206
Served Liu Yao, then Wu. Helped save Kong Rong from the Yellow Scarves.
Appearances: 11, 15, 44, 45, 49, 50, 53
Taishi Xiang (Yuanfu); Lifespan Unlisted
Held various posts in Wu. In novel, looked after by Quan after Ci’s death.
Appearances: 53
Tan Xiong; Lifespan Unlisted
General of Sun Huan. Fights at Yiling, wounds Zhang Bao’s horse.
Appearances: 82
Tang Zi; Lifespan Unlisted
Served Wu then surrendered to Wei. Collected ships for Zhong Hui.
Appearances: 108, 111, 112, 115
Tao Jun; Lifespan Unlisted
A general of Wu. During Jin’s invasion, sent to meet the invading Jin forces.
Appearances: 120
Teng Yin (Chengsi); Lived AD c.203–256
Minister of Wu. Argued to Sun Jun that Zhuge Ke should be put to death.
Appearances: 108, 111, 113
Wan Yu; Lifespan Unlisted
Advised Puyang Xing to make Sun Hao Emperor after Sun Xiu’s death.
Appearances: 120
Wang Dun; Lived AD ?–256
Minister of Wu who was executed by Sun Chen.
Appearances: 111, 113
Wei Miao; Lifespan Unlisted
Helped Sun Xiu against Sun Chen, warning the Wu ruler of the danger he was in.
Appearances: 113
Wu Can (Kongxiu); Lived AD 187–248
Was promoted into office by Sun He. Helped to pacify the Shanyue.
Appearances: 38
Wu Guotai [Lady Wu]; Lived Unknown–
Fictional sister to Lady Wu, wife to Sun Jian. Mother figure to Sun Quan and Lady Sun after Lady Wu’s death.
Appearances: 7, 43, 44
Wu Jing; Lived ?–203
Lady Wu’s younger brother. Served Sun Jian, then Yuan Shu, then Sun Ce.
Appearances: 15, 38
Wu Yan; Lived AD ?–280
General of the Flying Cavalry, fled when his position was untenable. Du Yu executed him.
Appearances: 120
Wu Yan (Shize); Lived Unknown–
Held out in his city of Jianping until Sun Hao surrendered.
Appearances: 120
Xia Xun; Lifespan Unlisted
Marching General under Han Dang, was scared by Zhang Bao and unhorsed.
Appearances: 83
Xiao Qiao; Lifespan Unknown
Younger of Wu’s Qiao Sisters. Sister to Da Qiao. Married to Zhou Yu.
Appearances: 44, 48, 54, 56, 57
Xie Jing; Lived AD ?–222
Duels Zhang Bao for 40 bouts before retreating. Described as brave, killed by Zhang Bao.
Appearances: 82
Xu Gong; Lived ?–200
Prefect of Wu Territory. Executed by Sun Ce for having relations with Cao Cao.
Appearances: 29
Xu Sheng (Wenxiang); Lived AD ?–c.225
Served in Chibi and Wu’s invasions into Wei. Tricked Cao Pi with a fake wall.
Appearances: 38, 49, 51, 55, 56, 67, 68, 75, 76, 8284, 86, 96
Xu An; Lived AD ?–238
Sent to bribe Gongsun Yuan to Wu’s side, he was executed by the ruler to appease Wei.
Appearances: 106
Xue Rong; Lifespan Unlisted
Suggested that Sun Hao should follow the example of Liu Shan and surrender.
Appearances: 120
Xue Xu; Lifespan Unlisted
An envoy to Shu, warned Sun Xiu that Shu was doomed. Led armies against Jin.
Appearances: 113
Xue Zong (Jingwen); Lived AD ?–243
Took part in conquering Vietnam, skilled in debate and composition.
Appearances: 38, 43
Yan Jun (Mancai); Lived AD ?–219
Refused appointment as Lu Su’s successor. He was unable to ride a horse.
Appearances: 38, 43
Yong Kai; Lived AD ?–225
Along with Gao Ding and Zhu Bao, rebelled in Southern Yizhou.
Appearances: 86
Yu Fan (Zhongxiang); Lived AD ?–223
Advisor to Wang Lang. Surrendered to Sun Ce. Convinced Mi Fang, Fu Shiren to defect to Wu.
Appearances: 15, 29, 43, 75
Yu Quan; Lived AD ?–254
Served as commander in Wu during Sun Liang’s reign. Helped support Zhuge Dan.
Appearances: 111, 112
Zhang Bu; Lived AD ?–264
With Puyang Xing, enthroned Sun Hao over Wen. Executed Sun Chen with Ding Feng.
Appearances: 113, 120
Zhang Cheng (Zhongsi); Lived AD 178–244
Friend of Zhuge Jin among others. Sent with Sun Shao to Guangling to capture Huaiyang.
Appearances: 102
Zhang Da; Lived AD ?–221
Officer of Zhang Fei, he was beaten harshly so murdered Zhang Fei then fled to Wu.
Appearances: 81, 83
Zhang Hong (Zigang); Lived AD 153–229
Minister who served Wu. Suggested changing the capital to Sun Quan.
Appearances: 15, 29, 38, 44, 53, 61
Zhang Mi; Lifespan Unlisted
Envoy to Gongsun Yuan, an idea Zhang Zhao protested against, executed by Yuan.
Appearances: 106
Zhang Ti (Juxian); Lived AD ?–280
Wu’s last Prime Minister. Refused surrender to Jin and marched out to die on the battlefield.
Appearances: 120
Zhang Wen (Huishu); Lived AD ?–230
Was an admired man of moral quality, sacked for recommending an overzealous friend.
Appearances: 38, 43, 86
Zhang Xiang; Lifespan Unlisted
Wu Leader of the Van who surrendered to Jin.
Appearances: 120
Zhang Xiu (Shusi); Lived AD 205–245
Advised Sun Deng with Zhuge Ke, Gu Tan, and Chen Biao. Lost faction struggle.
Appearances: 98
Zhang Yue; Lived AD ?–253
Officer who served in Zhuge Ke’s personal police force. Killed by Sun Jun.
Appearances: 108
Zhang Zhao (Zibu); Lived AD 156–236
Served Wu. Highly trusted internal administrator.
Appearances: 15, 17, 29, 38, 39, 4346, 53, 55, 61, 62, 6568, 73, 75, 77, 82, 83, 86, 98
Zhao Zi (Dedu); Lifespan Unlisted
A man of wide learning, he was sent to offer thanks for Quan being made king, using it as an occasion to praise Wu.
Appearances: 82
Zhou Fang (Ziyu); Lived AD ?–c.260
Trapped Cao Xiu, allowing the Wu army to score a great victory.
Appearances: 96
Zhou Ping; Lived AD ?–221
Went to aid Xia Xun but was disconcerted by his death and slain by Guan Xing.
Appearances: 83
Zhou Shan; Lifespan Unlisted
Took part in the kidnap plot against Liu Shan and Lady Sun but was killed by Zhang Fei.
Appearances: 61
Zhou Tai (Youping); Lived AD 163–225
Wu officer who Saved Sun Quan’s life, and was loved dearly in return.
Appearances: 15, 44, 48, 4951, 55, 61, 67, 68, 75, 76, 78, 8284
Zhou Xun; Lived Unknown–
The eldest son of Zhou Yu. Said to have inherited his father’s ability, but died at age 17.
Appearances: 57
Zhou Yin; Lived AD ?–239
The second son of Zhou Yu. Exiled for misdeeds, later pardoned.
Appearances: 57
Zhou Yu (Gongjin); Lived AD 175–210
Skilled war commander of Wu. Commanded Wu forces at the Battle of Chibi.
Appearances: 15, 29, 38, 39, 4356, 57, 60, 75, 77, 8284
Zhu En; Lifespan Unknown
Officer who served in Zhuge Ke’s personal police force.
Appearances: 108
Zhu Huan (Xiumu); Lived AD 176–238
Possibly a little mad, murdered the servants of Quan Yi. Destroyed Cao Ren at Ruxu.
Appearances: 38, 85, 96
Zhu Ran (Yifeng); Lived AD 182–249
Served Wu. Was the son of Zhu Zhi’s sister. Studied together with Sun Quan.
Appearances: 82, 84
Zhu Yi (Jiwen); Lived AD ?–257
A general of Wu and the son of Zhu Huan. Executed by Sun Chen for numerous defeats.
Appearances: 111, 112
Zhu Zhi (Junli); Lived AD 156–234
Served through three generations of the Sun family. Magistrate in Wu County.
Appearances: 15, 44
Zhuge Jin (Ziyu); Lived AD 174–241
Zhuge Liang’s older brother in service to Wu. Highly trusted by Sun Quan.
Appearances: 29, 37, 4245, 53, 66, 67, 73, 76, 81, 82, 85, 96, 98, 102, 103, 108
Zhuge Jing (Zhongsi); Lifespan Unlisted
Sent to Wu as a hostage, he became a prominent commander under Sun Hao.
Appearances: 111
Zhuge Ke (Yuanxun); Lived AD ?–253
Served Wu as Imperial Guardian. Son of Zhuge Jin. Murdered by Sun Jun.
Appearances: 98, 108, 113
Zhuge Jing (Zhongsi); Lifespan Unlisted
Discusses plans of defence but on seeing Jin army, runs away weeping.
Appearances: 120
Zu Lang; Lifespan Unknown
Chieftain of Danyang. Defeated Sun Ce but later joined his army.
Appearances: MR:15
Zu Mao (Darong); Lived Unlisted–
One of Sun Jian’s first four commanders. Tricked Hua Xiong in order to save Sun Jian’s life.
Appearances: 5
Zuo Xian; Lifespan Unlisted
Reminds Sun Quan of how well Cao Cao treated Guan Yu, to no avail.
Appearances: 77

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